November 1, 2009


Hey guys.

We got home a few days ago and are in the process of both coming to closure from trip mode and preparing for D-Day. As of the time of this post, we are less than 48 hours away. So, for the next couple of days, I'll still be absent. But I'll be back. I know you understand.

And I'll be back with pictures and stories of the trip, SoldierMan's going-away party, and other random things. Hopefully.

If you'd like a smile today, head over to my cousin's blog. His son is 3 and is from Guatemala. If you scroll through some of the older posts, you might find a pic of him. He is stinkin' adorable (as that post will tell you)!


  1. I was confused... I thought your husband left last Monday. Anyway, I'll keep you in my prayers this week. :)

  2. I'll be thinking of you...we all know how it feels. I actually started my blog last February after my husband left for WTC/AIT. These blog girls have been a lifesaver for me!

  3. Don't worry,, we'll all be here to support you when you get back. Enjoy these last couple of days together, and remember, you CAN do this!

  4. We are all here if you need us! me anytime if you want to vent or anything.


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