November 27, 2009


So I suppose I should say something today about Thanksgiving, since it was yesterday.

It was fine.

Really, I had a good time spending a little time with family. I forgot to take pictures. I'm always forgetting to take pictures now. So I'm going to have to try and round them up from other people.

I had 3 Thanksgivings overall. One with my dad's family, my mom's family and SoldierMan's family.

My parents aren't divorced. We just spend holidays with the entire family - the whole family. It just doesn't feel like a holiday to me if there are less fewer (sorry) than 25 people present. That's what I'm used to.

It's hard being around people, though, like family or my church family. Everyone always asks how I'm doing. And I always just say "fine," because you know people don't really want the whole blood-and-guts version, they just ask because they feel like they should, and want to be reassured that you are doing okay. There are a few people I feel like I can give more than a one-word answer. But not most people. So I just say "fine." Because it's the closest to the truth. I'm not horrible, but I'm not great, either. Coasting, I think, is the best term for it.

Got to talk to SoldierMan a lot because they had the day off - which mean they were locked in the barracks all day with their cell phones and one TV. They did get the nice Thanksgiving lunch, which he said was better than the normal food, but of course, not like the home version.

I also found out that he's not getting my letters. They must be holding them for some reason, because I've sent him 7 letters in the past two weeks, and he's only gotten 2 - and not the first 2 I sent, either, but 2 random out-of-order ones. Makes me very frustrated, because he has been under the impression that I haven't been writing him even though I have. Even though I say I have. But when the letters aren't there to prove it....

It was a long, exhausting two days (the first Thanksgiving was Wednesday night, because of people's schedules). I didn't have to cook anything this year. Being single and having to make the rounds releives you of some things. So I went and helped my mom cook and clean her house. That was fun. But now mine is a pit. My brother came and stayed with me during the first part of the week. He's 15 and very sweet. But a 15 year old boy. So the house is a pit.

I have three weeks left to pack the house up. One week of that I will be in LA. So 2 weeks. The tension hit yesterday and I wasn't able to think about much else.

People usually say they like Thanksgiving because it's more low-key and less stressful than Christmas. Not this year. But it was still good. I tried to make the most of the fact that this was likely the last Thanksgiving I'll be with my family for a while. I could have done better, but I tried.

Sorry to be such a downer. For an upper, go here and read Lydia's story. My breath is taken away.


  1. Thank you so much for sharing Lydia's story. I started reading the early posts and couldn't stop reading. God is so good! =)

  2. You don't need to apologise for being truthful. I'm glad your Thanksgiving was at least fine. It could have been horrific, involving alien invasions and such. Christmas will be wonderful, I'm sure.

  3. Sorry your husband was not home for Thanksgiving but be grateful for at least the cell phone. When I went through boot camp and training there were no cell phones yet so a weekly collect call was all you could hope for. As far as the letters go I have found that numbering my letters to my husband when he is deployed works well since mail gets lost, held up and messed up, that way as they trickle to him he can try and keep everything straight (and at least I have some proof that there were 10 not 1 letters ent!) Good luck and I hope the rest of the time flies by.


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