November 19, 2009


My shoulders are so sore! I finally got back into P90X after 4 days off....due to cramps, fatigue and general boredom. So last night, after heavily guilting myself into it, I jumped back in.

Unfortunately, it was the upper body workout, so not only was I out of my regular routine momentum, it was basically an hour of push-ups. Of which I can do 5-7 at a time. After about half the routine, my arms were shaking so badly I just had to stop.

But I did my best, and forgot the rest! Plus, I was able to do the Ab exercise! So I am very sore today but it's a good sore.

So - who else is going to the midnight showing tonight? Yes, I am. With some girlfriends. And I'm working on psyching myself up for it. See, at our local theater, they have balcony seating that you pay extra for - but the seats are assigned, so for events like this, you basically can show up 5 minutes before the movie and be ushered (yes, ushered!) right to your seat. Unfortunately, they were out of balcony seats. And the line, we are told, is forming, uh, now. Gahhhhhh.

But I'm not getting there until 6 at the earliest...and I'm still not sure I'll get there that early. I don't even know everyone in the group, and the ones I do...well, I can only handle Edward sex fantasies for about 45 minutes, not 6 hours. So we'll see.

Oh, AND they want to dress up. No, sorry. I don't do costumes for movies. If I did, I'd do it for Harry Potter, which is more my thing than Twilight.

Anyway, I'm hoping the movie tonight will show me why on earth Team Jacob even exists, because for the life of me, I don't understand it!

By the by, keep an eye out for a giveaway coming soon to my blog!


  1. Team Edward all the way here!! I just don't get it either. I didn't even have a chance to tell Kiale that I missed him last night... I just asked a couple of questions about how he was doing told him I loved him and thats about it.

  2. Jacob is way cuter and way less complicated!

  3. This just made me laugh. Good luck and have fun.. be careful.. you've been alone for about 2 weeks now right? Edward sex dreams could be dangerous. I'm questioning our friendship now that I know you don't understand the whole Jacob thing though.. really.. have you seen the previews?? Yummy. And I agree... less complicated for sure!

  4. Team Edward here!!! :) Hope you enjoyed the movie. I will see it tonight. I can't wait.


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