November 14, 2009

Red, Red, Red

Yesterday I got a SURPRISE phone call from SoldierMan! It was the official call-your-family-to-let-them-know-you-won't-be-calling-anymore phone call. We only got to talk for 5 minutes but we were both so excited it didn't matter. Yay.

Yesterday was fun. I had girl's night last night, got to take a nap in the afternoon(!) and got my hair done! It came very, very close to how I actually wanted it, which is a first - normally it's WAY off! I've been trying to get Redlights for like 2 years now, and no matter who I got to I would always just get red hair - which is fine, but I can give myself red hair from Walmart for $7 (and have been since highschool). I don't really feel like paying $85 for what is essentially the same thing.

So, anyway, my current hair lady won't use the actual Redlights brand because she feels they don't color well enough. Okay, she has her own brand of organic hair products she likes to use, and that's fine. It was the least-stinky hair color I've ever used, even if it did irritate my scalp slightly. (Only a little tingly while it was on, it's fine now). So she does it and it gets the coverage I wanted, and it's bright red, but it's closer to auburn than the Crayola red I was wanting. Yep, all punk style. But it's still pretty bold red. And it's great.

And speaking of red, it's game day, of course! And you know, I know you know, all my other Big 12 and SEC BBs, when it's game day - IT'S GAME DAY. I know we all of stories of poor, ignorant girls who schedule showers or weddings during "the" game (whenever your team is playing) and you are caught in the absurd dilemma of choosing to be a good friend....or doing what you really want. And just cause your team is having a bad season is no excuse to schedule an event during the game. It's just not. Can I get a witness??

So a close friend of mine is having a party, one of those vendor parties like Mary Kay thing, and when she first told me about it, for some strange reason I thought she said it was on a Sunday. So I, of course, agreed. Then yesterday she sends me a text saying, "You're still coming tomorrow, right? It's at 7." And of course I say yes. And of course the OU game starts at 6.


But we all have stories like this. My hair lady was telling me about how her sister-in-law got married on OU-Texas - like during OU-Texas. What? Who does that??

Oh well.


  1. so glad you got to talk to your soldier! ;) Sorry you won't get to talk for a while :(

  2. I made sure my wedding was in the spring and both of my children were born after football season. Who wants to go to a child's birthday party during the game? My family thinks I am crazy!! I say I am just a loyal fan and they should do the same!

  3. Om- like...where's the picture of your hair? Hello! ;-)

  4. I am so glad you got to talk to him. I remember those calls but it seems so long ago now.

  5. I remember getting those frantic five minute calls, you can squeeze a-lot into a short call... an artform I'm sure you'll quickly master! So glad your hair coloring worked out, I want to get mine a deeper brown but I'm scared they'll get it to dark...hope I get a good hair lady too!

  6. Um.... I got married on the same day as the Michigan/Michigan State football game. My family almost boycotted the wedding :)

  7. You are so funny - such a die-hard OU fan! Its only giving me giggles because I know people the EXACT same way! haha!


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