November 16, 2009

Oy, Monday

Yeah, it's a Monday.

All I'm saying is, if the only response you have to a Bible question is "Physician, heal thyself," then you haven't got an answer because you haven't done the study. I asked you a serious question. I really wanted to hear what you had to say. And that's not an answer. Or maybe it is.

Anyway, rant over. Some of you asked why I didn't put a picture up the other day. Well, the main reason is, a picture just doesn't really do it justice. We haven't had any sun since I got my hair done, and indoor lights wash out the color pretty badly. But just for the sake of having done so, here is a picture:

How very anti-climactic, I know! But in the sun (what little I've had the chance to test) it's pretty bright red.

It's dreary and overcast and drizzly...but we'll probably get ice tonight. We don't get snow in Oklahoma....we get ice. Ugh. And I've got to drive a lot tomorrow!

I'm just in a funk today. Sorry.


  1. i am in a funk today too...monday blahs...

    cute hair!

  2. Your hair looks great! I want your camera, FYI. Mail it to me, ok? Thanks!

    Shake out of the funk and pray that there is SO much ice that you get to stay home and drink hot chocolate!


  3. ice??!!? Seriously? I was unaware of this.
    I love the hair!! The length and the color!
    What was the question you asked? Can you say? I'm curious..

  4. You know I'm a fan of the red! Very cute ;)

    and I can't believe OK is already getting ice! or wait.... yes I can.

  5. I love your hair color. I wish I could pull it off.


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