November 3, 2009

I Gotta Feelin.....

I'm back. Well, here. I never really left, I guess. But I'm here and up for air.

Thanks everyone for your encouragement and support. I really don't know what I'd do without you all and your experience.

SoldierMan made it off just fine last night - of course. I was able to take him to the hotel myself. His recruiter drove the other recruits to the hotel at around 5 yesterday evening, which of course would have robbed us of our whole evening. But he said as long as I got him to the hotel by 11, it would be fine. (Of course, I think all the other recruits were like 18...and that makes a difference!) He also gave us all the check-in paper work, even the originals. As he walked us out to the car, he kept saying, "Make way for the future Lieutenant." And SoldierMan was like, "Well, hopefully, nothing's set in stone." (The man refuses to raise his hopes about anything!) And the recruiter says, "No, you'll do great. You're the one recruit I've never had to worry about. I know you'll go all the way." whatever that means But anyway it was nice to hear.

Shortly before we left for the hotel. We had been up since 7:45 for some bizarre reason. By the time 8:00 rolled around that night, we were already fighting sleep since, you know, and early night wasn't exactly a possibility.

I held it together pretty well over the weekend. Sunday night, his last real night here, was hard for both of us. But it was also very special. Then yesterday, we were running around putting the final things together and making the final "goodbyes" to the family. So I was too busy to really let it sink in. Until he took off his ring and handed it to me. (He was wisely advised not to take his ring, in case he lost it - it's not like they'll stop the exercise and let you look for it! And losing 25 pounds makes that ring pretty loose already.) That was what opened the floodgates. But still, we had a really wonderful, memorable weekend together. It ended on a high note.

And now, I have his ring to keep with me all the time. I love it, it makes me feel like he's still a little closer.

I'll give a weekend wrap-up soon, when I get all the pictures from the farewell party in. And the vacation report. But right now I need to put together a grocery list. How do you grocery shop for just one person when everything comes in giant size?

Tonight I'm going out with a great group of friends. I'm excited. Really. It's going to be a good night.

**UPDATE: SoldierMan just called (yay!!) he is being sent to Ft. Sill for basic rather than Leonardwood. This is a HUGE blessing from above! Now we don't have to pay for an overpriced holiday season plane ticket for him to come home for Christmas Exodus!! I am so excited, not only that I got to talk to him already, but that he had some super good news. Just had to share. :)


  1. I went to USM. :) Just a slight variation of the initials.

  2. and now the countdown to his return can begin! yay!

  3. haha, I was slightly confused over your comment. Glad we were able to figure it out. =)
    I am not looking forward to even having a need to countdown until Trevor returns. We'll see in January if I can even survive while he is gone to Basic. ;)

  4. I've been thinking about you!!

    What GREAT news that he is going to be right here!! Aww I'll say a little prayer for him every morning when I go to the gym on post. I may or may not already be thinking about going to see him graduate... I can't wait to tell Trey.

    Have fun tonight and call me if you ever need ANYTHING or just want to chat :)

  5. You can do it! I am thankful for your sacrifice as well! I am from a military family so I know the struggle! You will be in my thoughts!

  6. Oh goodness. All those memories of saying goodbye to the hubby before basic suddenly came back.
    Going to the hotel... the tears... oh the tears!

    Atleast you will see him for Christmas, which is right around the corner! :) I am very proud of the men and women that decide to enter into the military!

    You two are in my prayers!

  7. He will be back before you know it!! Sweet that you have his ring :)


  8. Well done for getting this far - it sort of gets easier from here. (And harder at times, but you'll be right). And I'm super excited on your behalf with regards to his location - enjoy that exodus!

  9. Been there, done that! It is tough- but it brought Seth and I so much closer. You learn what it means to really appreciate each other :) You will make it, the first 2 weeks are the worst and then it seems like the adjustment comes. If he goes to OCS at Benning, we will be there! You can come see him and stay with us if ya need to :) Praying for you both!


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