October 6, 2009

There's A Snake in My Boot!

So last night was BUSY!! And I am so tired this will be all free-written and not proofread. You have been warned.

First, SoldierMan gets home and we did P90X before dinner. I guess this is going to be the new norm, but I'm not excited about that at all. Mostly because it means that, afterwards, when I'm all exhausted and nasty and wanting to take a shower - I still have to make dinner. Great. Also, I have a hard time working out when I'm hungry. But we'll see how this goes. Day 3 was Arms and Chest, which was really, really hard for me. Before, with the legs exercises and the kickboxing-type stuff, my muscles could go so far that I really worked my cardio. I have zero upper-body strength, so when you can only do 2 pushups before your arms give out (and by give out I mean collapse and drop you onto the floor, giving your chin a nice little rugburn), your heart isn't pumping too terribly heard. So that was a very frustrating one for me. However, we followed it with the Ab Ripper, which was better. My core is stronger than SoldierMan's, thanks to Pilates, so I was able to really push myself there. Oh, he also went and bought us some nice floor mats to use, since our carpet doesn't provide adequate cushioning. And, like a good hubs, he got me a pink one. :)

(Note: The main reason I am detailing so much of this P90X thing is not because I really think you are so interested in every little ache and pain of my workout life. But I need to record it somewhere and this is the most convenient. Feel free to skip over this part in the future.)

By the time we finally got finished with those two workouts, we barely had enough time to change, douse ourselves in perfume and cologne (respectively) and race to the movies. Except, because of the time, we had to drive through somewhere, and the only place that is on the way and speedy - Taco Bell. Oh my word, Taco Bell. I haven't had Taco Bell in months, literally. It was like seeing an old friend. My inner fat girl was so happy. You have no idea.

We got to the movies just in time to pick up our pre-paid tickets and run into the theater to catch the previews. (Secret: I LOVE previews. I am one of those people who gets disappointed when you miss the previews.) Then we settled in and put on our 3-D glasses and enjoyed the show.

Yes, 3-D.

It was really fun. I've never been to a real double-feature before. Since it was a Monday night, there were only like a dozen people in the theater, so it was like you were watching it alone. Plus, we'd been wanting to rewatch them anyway, and this was a good excuse. Even the previews were in 3-D!! If it's showing near you, you really should go. It's only out through next weekend, I think.

Anyway, it was a crazy busy LATE night (we didn't get home till nearly midnight) so I'm tired and sore and ready for a rest. Except that today I go box shopping to start packing up the house. *tear* So, no rest for me.

Disney Quote of the Day:

"Women are the best judges of anything we turn out. Their taste is very important. They are the theatergoers, they are the ones who drag the men in. If the women like it, to heck with the men." ~ Walt Disney


  1. I live for the previews!! If I'm going to miss the previews I won't even go in to the movie. It's serious. And I'm definately one of those annoying people that cannot help but let whoever I'm with know whether or not I plan to see said preview. It's sick but I really can't help it.
    Yay for having a built in work out buddy... that buys you a pink mat!

  2. FUN NIGHT!! I am just the opposite of you. I have to work out as soon as I get home or it will just never happen! I can't work out AFTER I eat because it makes me sick. Blah! Good for you for pushing yourself! You should be super proud :)

    OOH! I was wondering if the 3D Toy Story was going to be good! FUN!

  3. Haha- you sound like me when it comes to exercising. I have ZERO upper body strength!!! I am TRYING the couch to 5k program- I am so not a runner so if this works for me it will work for anyone.
    About putting the girl pants on Caleb- I have to work with what I got :) And he doesnt seem to mind just yet...we will see how long that lasts!

  4. I am furious about that and all the other vaccines they will be getting! It is ridiculous!

  5. OMG, me too. LC always pumps the hand soap to wear it drips. Then, the drips collect. He never wipes it. I wipe it after I just CANNOT take it anymore. Argh! But, I don't mind my stuff sitting out either. I guess I have my quirks that drive him crazy like forgetting to shut drawers. LOL!

  6. I did upper body in my work out today too! I also have zero arm strength, my saving grace is the assisted pull up machine... after the work out I was craving taco bell but my workout buddy kept me strong and we had sandwiches instead, I'm glad to know someone out there got to enjoy the amazingness of a two dollar mexican meal!

  7. I wish I would have seen that... and I can barely do a pushing up..like single.. I need to work on that!


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