October 1, 2009

"Theater" Thursday

In lieu of a movie, with it being a new fall season and all (a week or two late, I grant you) I thought I might go over some of the shows I am super-dee-duper excited about.

Any other Amazing Race fans out there?

We already have our "favorites" and "not-favorites." That horrible lawyer and his fiance? Seriously, how has she not shot him by now? The man treats her like trash. And I want to strangle the evil poker-player girls. They should SO have been eliminated. I was so mad they weren't. But I do like the couple from Tennessee, they are too cute. And the Miss America couple (sorry, male half, can't remember your name). They are both good and have good dynamics. And who doesn't love them some Harlem Globetrotters!! I bet they do really well. At least I hope so. They seem like good guys.

This is one that won't be out for another month, sadly, but I am already hyped up about it. Here is the trailer as well as an excellent summation written by the good folks over at Big Hollywood.

“The world’s in bad shape, Father. Who wouldn’t welcome a savior right now?”

Aliens arrive offering “hope” and telling us not to be afraid of “change.”

To grab power they set out to manipulate the media and create a culture of devotion around themselves.

But they are not who they appear to be.

In fact, they’re out to destroy our way of life.


Either someone’s activated our right-wing sleeper agents at ABC or the network has no idea what they’ve created and will soon realize they are now stuck with a second multi-million dollar miniseries that can’t be released on DVD.

I just realized that it looks as though ABC is portraying a Priest as a hero.


I looked outside and there’s only one sun, so my initial theory of waking up in a more just universe isn’t the answer… I’ll have to count moons tonight.

Yeah, I'm super stoked - mostly because it will be awesome to watch Joel Gretsch, another under-rated sci-fi actor, work again - but I'll have to wait until Nov 3. Boo. At least I have something to look forward to.

Fringe deals with a lot of science, some pseudo, some more real than you'd like to know. For more on this, find The Fringe Podcast on iTunes where they dissect every episode, showing which parts are actually true or developing science. There's more going on out there than we realize. Season 2 of Fringe started out with a bang...then had a mediocre second week, so here's hoping for an awesome week 3 tonight. The cast is amazingly talented, even Joshua Jackson has shown himself to be a mature adult actor - there is no thought of Mighty Ducks when he walks onscreen anymore. It's a bit raw, kind of gross at times, but it's so worth it.

I started watching this because I was sick last week and couldn't do anything but lay on the couch and watch TV. Honestly, I don't have high hopes. I predict it will last one season, but that I'll lose interest before then. But, I don't have any "girly" shows I watch, so I thought I'd give this a try.

This one undoubtedly is my favorite of the season. I love Joseph Fiennes, Lee Thompson Young and Dominic Monaghan. Yes, Dominic Monaghan!!!! I'm am so freakin' excited to see him again. I miss you, Charlie! But really, I love shows or books or just the concepts dealing with fate, destiny, choice - if you know what's going to happen, does that mean you can change it? Or is what you do in response to that knowledge what actually causes that future to happen, thus creating a self-fulfilling prophecy? Plus, they all saw visions that culminated on April 29 of next year, which means we have a definite timeline to work with, which creates a deadline. I also love how the opening scene of the pilot almost perfectly mirrored the opening scene of LOST, my all-time favorite show. So we'll see.

Yes, I am a sci-fi geek.


  1. We love Amazing Race too! Agreed that the poker chicks should have been eliminated. I would have rather watched the yoga couple who got eliminated almost immediately than those two liars. I haven't narrowed down to my favorites yet though.. Should be a great season!

  2. I have always thought about watching the Amazing Race but then never do - Maybe next season!

    I hear Flash Forward is amazing!!


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