October 14, 2009

Random Quickness

  • I have my car back. It's a neat thing, SoldierMan's boss is loaning him one of their cars that they are getting rid of until it's time to give it to the new owners - which will be until SoldierMan's last day there. We are really, truly blessed that SoldierMan was hired to that office 2 years ago.
  • I got my first snarky probably-a-fake-milwife anonymous comment last night. I say on the comment box, I delete anonymous comments. They annoy me and are cowardly. This is the internet - if you can't even say something using your online moniker, you're a n00b. Apparently the n00b not only doesn't have a life but can't read. So I deleted it. It felt good. :)
  • Tonight my family is having our annual October birthday dinner. Me, my sister and her boyfriend are all born in October. And after we got into college, we decided to just consolidate them all into one big birthday dinner. We go to the nice hibachi restaurant on the northside of the city. This year, now that my brother is in high school, he gets to bring a friend. Not a girl, I think he's still to embarrassed about "liking" girls in front of the family. So he asked his best friend. But anyway, I'm excited. We only go once a year so it's very special.
  • Packing, packing, packing
  • I am working on planning a flurry of activities for the first week SoldierMan is gone. I drop him off on a Monday night, so the action will be starting Tuesday. Any suggestions? How do you deal with separation? Keep in mind I am intensely co-dependent.
  • I was thinking last night, back when I started this blog in March or so, I had no idea why I felt so compelled to do it. What did I need a lifestyle blog for? We don't have kids or travel or do anything special. Then SoldierMan joined. And I've met all of you. I am convinced it was providential. I can't say, even as early in our military life as it is, what a great help you have all been to me. If I could afford to send each of you a thank you gift, I would!
  • UPDATE: Okay, I try not to let my political stuff bleed onto this blog too much, but I just can't hold this back. What kind of stupid, ignorant tool would one have to be to believe Rush Limbaugh is a racist? A journalist, for one thing. But seriously, every single one of those racists quotes that have gone viral - especially that one about bringing back slavery - has either been proved completely fabricated or else not racially-toned and supported by minority sports analysts (i.e. Donovan McNabb). It infuriates me - not only the level of gullibility of people at large who are content to be spoon-fed their ideas by the MSM and not do any research themselves before they repeat slander/libel - but also the laziness and dishonesty of the Fourth Estate in this country. It's sick and pathetic. And I probably just lost half of you, but I really needed to get that off my chest.
Disney Quote of the Day:

"Actually, if you could see close in my eyes, the American flag is waving in both of them and up my spine is growing this red, white and blue stripe." ~ Walt Disney


  1. Where is your husband headed off to?

    I'm pretty co-dependent too-- I don't know what I'm going to do if my husband deploys again, haha! A lot of wives will make up these nice, long lists of things they'd like to do while their husband is away. I wish I would have done this during my husband's deployment-- I would have been busier/ happier/ and would have felt more accomplished at the end. You'll be fine, I know it :o)

  2. snarky commenter huh? probably nothing better to do with their life than try to get under peoples skin. haters :)
    I was the most co-dependent person ever at the start of our little journey!! I'm still not perfect, but I'm learning. You are going to grow so much while he is away that you won't even know who you are at the end of all this. In the best way possible I mean. And he'll love the person he sees. We've already chatted a little bit about this, but though i'd add a little more..

  3. Find something you've always wanted to do, but never have. Do it. All the way! It will keep you busy and make you proud of yourself. It will make him proud of you too! And ... it will give you something to talk about with him!

    It really helps! Another thing I've learned along the way, if they say they'll be gone 2 weeks, assume a month. If they say 1 year, assume 15 months. That way, if they get home on time, you'll be thinking its early. If they get delayed, you will have already had that built in.

    And never think about how long he's been gone, just how long until he'll get home. That always helped me.

    And find another co-dependent wife and become dependent on one another!

  4. How do I deal with separation? ha ha ha ha ha
    Poorly, I tell you.

    And DM and I have been stuck apart for 3 years now, so anyone would think I'd be good at it by now - guess I'm a slow learner.

    Already in this deployment, though, I've learned a few things. Jump on every possibility. Set aside a little time each day or week to write a letter to David. It makes you much closer and stronger even if while you're writing you feel further apart. Invite yourself out with family and friends. Workout. Set yourself some goals (not enormous ones, just little goals so you will achieve them and feel good). Blog lots. And lean on your friends - that's what we're here for.

  5. I agree totally with you on the Rush thing. Weirdos.

    The gulliability is ridiculous. Reminds me of something I said to john the other day. We were watching the history channel and the obligatory Hitler special. so I said, it's so hard to believe that a whole nation could be brainwashed by one man and it probably only happened because of the way news spread then and that I couldn't imagine something like that ever happening again with the technology we have today. And he looks at me and says really Jenn?

    He got me there...

  6. I love your blog...and how patriotic you are.I found you through my sister n laws blog (iaminthearmytoo) and I am adding you to my blog roll! Please link me..I am just getting back into the blog world after a hiatus and I am looking forward to reading more of yours! <3


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