October 2, 2009

One month

One month from tonight

I take SoldierMan to the hotel for MEPS

and I don't see him again until Christmas


So I've been trying to make a list of things to make sure that we do before he leaves
  • Go to a movie together
  • Eat at "our" restaurants - BJs, Bella Vista, Rusty's
  • Have a movie/hot chocolate night
  • Go shooting (guns, not cameras)
  • Get a bunch of stuff packed and moved, including us
  • Go on vacation
Yes, you read that right. Another vacation. SoldierMan's last day at his current job is the 24th, then he has about 10 days before he leaves. We talked about it after we got back from Disney - well, even while we were still gone - that, during those last days, it would be hard to set aside time from being stressed and distracted and just enjoy our time together if we are here at home.

So, we're going out of town again for most of that time. We'll have the last weekend here at home. And then life changes. But it's a good change. Really.

So I'm working on the list and trying to think of things. What am I missing?


  1. Ahhhh Meps! They are such a pain in the patoot.

  2. It will be fine! Enjoy your time together and remember that he is doing something honorable! I spent 8 yrs in the Army and my husband spent 20 yrs, it will make you appreciate the little things! Good luck to your husband and thank him for stepping up and volunteering!

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  4. im not sure what MEPS is... it it like boot camp or OCS? Spend as much time together as possible! It will FLY by!

  5. Thanks for the encouragement! I'll be praying for you guys too enjoy this month, soak up every second, time flies!

  6. hang in there, the build up to a separation is by far worse.


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