October 20, 2009

Now I'm Wondering......

I am throwing down my geek card.

You've heard of the book-now-movie series Twilight, but have you ever heard of Roswell, the TV show?

I was turned on to Roswell by my mother. Yes, my mom, who at that time had recently gotten into Dawson's Creek. Don't ask. But when we were in high school she got on this teen-age TV drama kick.

Roswell was a short-lived sci-fi teen alien drama that lasted only 3 seasons for various reasons. I just rewatched the first season on Hulu, and while yes there is a lot of cheesy teen dialogue, it really was well-written show and should have gone longer.

It didn't because the writers screwed up season 2 with bogus plot twists and completely unrealistic character developments that they were only given one season to try and clean it up, which didn't work out too well. It's a shame.

Roswell came out in 1999. Quite a while before Twilight.

However, there are some interesting similarities.

Consider this plot line: Mysterious, brooding hotty who is also slightly a creeper saves the life of small-town quiet girl using his super-human abilities, thus threatening to expose he and his family as being something not quite human, and leading he and girl into a future together as soulmates.

Don't take my word for it, check it out for yourself (the intro should do it):


Nearly 6 years before Twilight. I know, I know, Stephenie Meyer supposedly had a dream about two people sitting in a meadow, one of them being curiously shiny, and then wrote the books to "discover" who those two people were. At least, that's the story. And it may be true.

But I wonder.....

If you liked Twilight, or even if you didn't, I recommend Roswell. It's good junk food for the mind. :)
In other news:

I have my car back today. Yay. So I'm trying to get a week's worth of errands done in one day. Fingers crossed.

Went to Walmart today. Since I only had to buy a week's worth of groceries for the two of us (not really thinking about that right now) I treated myself to a pumpkin candle, since mine has long been gone. Yes, a $3 Walmart brand candle is a treat in my world.

I'm putting together SoldierMan's "send-off" party for the night before he leaves. Have to get the invites out this afternoon.

I am also working on getting a girl's night out worked out for the night after he's gone. If any of you are in the greater OKC area, and you'd like to come (I'm planning on The Melting Pot) let me know and I'll give you the details when I have them.


  1. I have never seen Roswell. I'll have to check it out!

    I love my Wal Mart pumpkin candle. :)

  2. oooohhhhhh! my MIL would probably love to go!!!! if you want to ruin your evening and hear all about her life and how wonderful her children and "nanchildren" are... i'll give you her number!!!!! (yum! i love the melting pot but any trip to OKC requires me to go into Edmond and stay with the MIL... so it ain't happening)
    But (!) I may be there next spring for the OKC half marathong... if you're still around that neck of the woods... maybe you'll get stationed at Ft Sill... close enough.

  3. I loved Roswell when it was on tv and I am probably one of the only people in the US that is not into the Twilight craze.

    Girls night sounds fun...but i am in GA;)

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  5. I thought I was a nerd about twilight! :) hehe JK. I've heard of the show but never really had a chance to watch it!

  6. i loved roswell! the first season was kick ass!

  7. Hmmmm very fishy! I might have to check this out. I remember seeing Roswell commercials on TV a long time ago, but I never sat down to watch an episode.

    Hope you have a good day girl!

  8. oooh the melting pot! YUM! Maybe you should go to the one in Tulsa instead of OKC ... :)


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