October 11, 2009


As in, facebook.

I am seriously annoyed with facebook right now. It won't show me my messages. It took my 5 tries to update my status (which by that point had morphed into something a bit hostile towards the servers). All my friends are posting cute new pictures and it won't let me comment on them. "Check that you are connected to the internet." Well, how else did I get here, moron? Frsrfrsrfrsrfrsr. But what would I do without facebook? It's the only way I keep up with anyone any more.

Also, I seriously hate emo status updates. Like, okay, if you had a bad surprise, or you need prayer, sure, share it. But don't be all, "life has no meaning, should I even go on" or something equally esoteric and pathetic. I'm not big into cries for attention. It's your facebook status. You know you are just being a comment whore.

Which is why I'm really having to avoid the internet when the waves of reality hit me. Like last night. Had a hard time sleeping, then had sad dreams about seperation and rejection. No doubt stemming from the upcoming event. And it's just a dream. I'm fine, promise. And I was seriously tempted to pop out my phone and post some sort of "the loneliness is starting to hit early" status, and I thought, geez, what would that accomplish, other than just being a whiney-butt. I know, it's important to vent and be real and whatever. But that was so glaringly pathetic I realized it even in the midst of a midnight depression. That's just sad.

But I'm better now. I think dreams are cathartic, for me at least. I have a thing about dreams. But that's a post for another time.

In other news:
  • we went out last night and met my youngest SIL's newish boyfriend. It was kind of a big deal because she's never brought a guy to meet the family before, even though she's 21 (in a week or 2). Not that there's anything wrong with that at all. It was just that much more significant. He was really cool. Nice and open, wants to make a difference in the world but really laid back and comfortable with himself. And a cutey, which always helps. :) I think they go well together. We had a fun dinner.
  • And SoldierMan and I rented "17 Again" last night. I have to say, I really liked it. It's a "teen movie," sure, but it reminded me of a John Hughes teen movie. That's also going to be a future Theater Thursday post.
  • P90x is now a week (plus a little) old. And I can't believe already how much we have improved. The moves are less confusing, we can do more and my range of motion and balance has already gotten better. It's pretty exciting. The question is, will I be able to do this when I no longer have my workout buddy? I don't work so well on my own. I like how the P90X instructor guy (Tony, I think) is very into the positive motivation - "Do your best, forget the rest" - but it helps having a real live person there, too.
Anyway, that's my Sunday blog. Also, even after the rough night last night, we made it to church this morning, which was great. We're starting a new lesson series in Leaving Legacies. Sounds to be a good'un.

Disney Quote of the Day:

"I have no use for people who throw their weight around as celebrities, or for those who fawn over you just because you are famous." ~ Walt Disney


  1. I'm seriously hating Facebook right now. I keep adding captions to my photo albums, but they never get saved. ARGH!

  2. I think facebook is on her period right now....she has very bad temper tantrums.

  3. sometimes I think about canceling facebook, but then I have a little panic attack when I realize I won't be able to know EVERYTHING about EVERYONE ALL the TIME :)

  4. I hate those silly, emo status updates too-- I mean really, life isn't that bad. Facebook has been acting really wild for me lately too.


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