October 7, 2009

Holey Guacamole!

Have you ever had something at a friends house or out somewhere, and it was so good you go crazy trying to find it again?

This is my dilemma.

This guacamole seasoning is to die for! It's an MIO (Made in Okahoma) gem from Maria Rae's. It is seriously the best guacamole seasoning ever. And I can't find it ANYWHERE!!!

See, my mom bought a few packages of it last year at the State Fair. She gave me one, and since then I've been going nuts trying to find it. So I went to the website about 6 months ago and there was no way to order it online, but it did say it was carried at a few local stores. Of course, I checked, and guess what - no dice.

Now, it looks like you can order the stuff online - but it's $4! Not counting shipping! I'm still debating....

In other news, we did the next P90X tape last night. Plyometrics. Plyometrics is a high-impact cardio exercise. We pop in the DVD and the instructor says, "This is the most difficult session in the program. If you are just starting, you probably aren't ready for this yet, you can use one of the lower-intensity cardio workouts." At which point giant red flags went off for me...but not the the soldier man who only has to be told "Only 2% of people can make it to the end of this session" in order to make him determined to be in that 2%. I may have exaggerated that figure...

Anyway, yes, it was undoubtedly the most difficult workout I've ever done. Lots of jumping and spinning, and a very scary few minutes where I got to experience what it feels like to be asthmatic. Very scary. Let's just say, I met my limits. But, I made it to the end of the video, with a couple of extra breaks in the middle, but still....

Seriously, this better be worth it.

Geez, how boring am I?

Disney Quote of the Day:

"Every child is born blessed with a vivid imagination. But just as a muscle grows flabby with disuse, so the bright imagination of a child pales in later years if he ceases to exercise it." ~ Walt Disney


  1. I've had that mix! You're right it is delish!

  2. Hahaha, sounds like something my husband would do too.

    Love good guac! Hope you can find it soon and don't have to shell out $4 for it!

  3. I once found a snicker-doodle pie kit at a craft fair...best pie ever, now no where to be found! Good luck in the guacamole dilemma. I would stock up while you can :)

  4. I say, if you like it buy it. You only live once! What's 4 bucks...

  5. I hate it when that happens, I say buy a couple, even at four bucks youll thank yourself later.

    and the workout, ill take your word on it cause im not EVER going to try that out!


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