October 8, 2009

Go Away!

No, not you!

The rain. Anyone who has lived in Oklahoma knows that seasons mean nothing here. We live in the black hole of weather conditions, which is why the premiere meteorology schools in the world are here. Meteorologists (not "weather guys," there is a difference) come here from around the country to study for precisely this reason: We get every kind of weather here: ice, snow, heat, dry, humidity, tornadoes, tropical fronts, extreme winds, no wind, earthquakes - you name it, we've got it.

And if you've lived here as long as me, as much as you hate it, you also love it, because it's what makes Oklahoma so beautiful.

And, because of this, here in Oklahoma, we've got this wonderful treasure named Gary England. If you have ever watched the movie "Twister," Gary is in it.

I couldn't find a screencap from the actual movie,
but he's on the TV giving the weather both at the beginning and also later in the film.

A recipient of numerous awards and honors including two Emmys and the Silver Circle Award by the National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences, Heartland Division, Gary England is Oklahoma's top rated television meteorologist. Gary England is a graduate of the University of Oklahoma with a Bachelor of Science degree in mathematics and meteorology. He is an internationally recognized authority in severe weather and holds the distinction of being the person who implemented with Enterprise Electronics, the world's first commercial Doppler radar.
In 1981, Gary England became the first person in history to use Doppler radar for direct warnings to the public. The author of four books and the subject of another, Gary England is also a popular public speaker. Besides appearing in the Steven Spielberg movie, "TWISTER", he has become a much sought after consultant for weather specials produced by international channels from all areas of the globe.
Of special distinction in 2006 was his being asked to be a keynote speaker for the dedication of the new National Weather Center in Norman, OK. Additionally and in conjunction with the Oklahoma Centennial celebration in 2007, Gary England was immortalized by the sculpting of his bust which honored ‘100 Heroes and Outlaws' of Oklahoma repute during the state's first 100 years.
In 2009 Gary, his weather team and News 9 were awarded the National Edward R. Murrow Award for best in the nation in the category of breaking news/weather in competition among all large television markets.
Gary has over 40 years of weather experience. What you need to understand is that meteorologists aren't like "weather guys". Weather guys (or girls) work like other TV anchors - printing off the projected weather from the Weather Channel or something like it, and regurgitating the information while waving their hands in front of a blue screen. Meteorologists, on the other hand, are scientists, who study the weather themselves, understand the science, and are proactive in projecting the weather.

Do they still get it wrong? On occasion. But it's nothing like when we were in Disney, and the weather guy for the local TV station told us, "Friday will be warm for part of the day, cooler for part of the day, and there may or may not be some scattered showers at some point in the day." Gee, thanks, I bet I could have guessed that myself.

Yeah, he's kind of a big deal around here, and around the country. He was featured on O'Reilly a few months back to talk about global warming, which - based on 40 years of weather observation and scientific study - he calls "a load of bunk."
I'll take a scientist's word over a politician, thanks.

Today I saw something on facebook that just cracked me up and I had to share. From "The 50 Most Powerful Oklahomans":
1. Gary England. Some might call it blasphemy to rank Gary ahead of Jesus. Particularly Bill Kumpe. But, we have to call it like we see it. When Jesus tells us to give all of our money to the poor, we figure out a way to convince ourselves that Jesus, a homeless Middle Eastern man, would consider us to be poor and thus let us use our money for Starbucks and LostOgle T-shirts. When Gary England tells us to get in our hidey-hole, though, we ask no questions. We just know to hop in and listen to Gary England, because he’ll let us know it’s okay.
Your "hidey-hole" is a patented Gary England phrase for "storm shelter," FYI.

Love Gary. He will be one of the "things" I most sorely miss when we PCS.

No P90X last night. Long story.

Disney Quote of the Day:

"Of all our inventions for mass communication, pictures still speak the most universally understood language." ~ Walt Disney


  1. just a head's up - the maker of my necklace on etsy, also has some super cute China mommy ones to. Just saying.... :o)

  2. We love Gary at our house too. Not sure what I will do when he retires :( He is the best weatherman in Oklahoma!

    Lisa :)

  3. I am 100% positive that I might start floating away at any minute. This rain is re-freaking-diculous!

  4. Ooh, I'll take some of the rain! Canberra hasn't had decent rain for most of the year. Sure, we've had a dust storm and a tornado this year, but not rain.

    One of the tv channels here features a meteorologist on the evening news. Sadly, he's known more for the ludicrous flora he wears in his lapel (think entire bushes) rather than the accuracy of his forecasts. Oh well, at least he doesn't say things like "watch out on the roads today - they're wet because of the rain." Really?!


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