October 24, 2009


"As I see it, a person's culture represents his appraisal of the things that make up his life. And a fellow becomes cultured, I believe, by selecting that which is fine and beautiful in life and throwing aside that which is mediocre or phony. Sort of a series of free, very personal choices, you might say. If this is true, then I think it follows that 'freedom' is the most precious word to culture. Freedom to believe what you choose and read, think, and say and be with what you choose. In America, we are guaranteed these freedoms. It is the constitutional privilege of every American to become cultured or to grow up like Donald Duck. I believe that this spiritual and intellectual freedom which we as Americans enjoy is our greatest cultural blessing. Therefore, it seems to me, that the first duty of culture is to defend freedom and resist all tyranny." ~ Walt Disney


  1. love the pic and the quote...so very true!

  2. or as dash2 would say... fwwwweeedom! you'll find being in a military familiy gives you such a great appreciation for freedom and raising kids in the military gives them one too. double perk!

    your pic makes me want to head back down to disney. my parents are there this week and I'm JEALOUS!


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