August 18, 2009

You are everything that's wrong with pro sports

I love college football. Primarily Sooner football, of course, and after that, anything in the Big 12, but really I love college football.

There's something about college football that doesn't exist in pro sports. What is it again?

Oh yeah, loyalty.

See, the thing with college sports is that there is a sense of loyalty, of community. Once you're a Sooner, you're always a Sooner, whether you're Billy Sims or the Boz or Wayman Tisdale. And the fans know that, and love you because of it. It's your school, you're there because, sure you got an athletic scholarship, but you play because it's your school!

In pro sports, there's nothing like this.

Exhibit A:

I really hate Brett Favre. Before, I was apathetic, at best. I grew up viewing Pro Sports the same as Pro Wrestling; just couldn't take it seriously. And Brett Favre is the perfect example of why.

Yeah, Favre put a lot of years into the Packers. They worshipped him. And when he announced his retirement, they wept.

Until he announced like two days later he was going to play for another team. You could almost hear the chuckle as he signed: Suckahz!

To me, it was the same as a guy breaking up with you and saying it's because "he just can't be in a relationship right now," and then you see him out on a date two days later. I thought the natural response would be to key his car. Not to say, "Oh, but it's Brett, so it's okay....."

It's okay, really? He just used the whole, "It's not you, it's me" excuse, and you fell for it, and even after it turned out to be a lie, you excused it. I think there's a syndrome for that.

Well, now he's done it again. He's moved to yet a different team. After another retirement announcement or two, I've lost track.

Seriously, how can anyone take pro sports - or at least this guy - seriously? For him, it's obviously not about the love of the game.

Click the picture to order. Hilarious.


  1. Not a huge Farve fan...although we do have WI family that are huge fans. I am an aggie fan. I have been to many a Texas OU weekend in Dallas though :)

  2. Doesnt he feel like a bit of an idiot YET?!

    and what's with the Eagles getting michael Vick? Who would want to touch that guy with a ten foot pole?

  3. I am sooo excited about the college football season starting. I couldn't care less about the NFL, though. There's something endearing about college football - perhaps the loyalty, the passion, the fact a lot of the guys play with such love because they know they'll never play again, or maybe the fact that at the end of the day it's just a bunch of kids running around having a ball. Love it!

  4. i also dislike pro sports for the lack of loyalty. it's all about the money. whatever. money just buys you a screwed up life and twists your priorities b/c most people can't seem to not be servants to their cash.

    anyway... i gave your blog an award. head over to mine to check it out.


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