August 10, 2009

Wicked Weekend!!

We've been in Tulsa all weekend with friends, and got back late yesterday. It was so much fun! As you may or may not have seen, I attempted to blog via text on Friday but it didn't work right. Very frustrating. Anyway, I fixed it and cleaned it up for the sake of my blog organization OCD-ness. By the way, how do you like the new layout? Going from two-column to three is such a pain, took me an hour to do all the html necessary, but it was worth it, I think.

I learned a few things on this trip, too, which I will share as the story unfolds.

So, step back to Thursday, it was SoldierMan's birthday (hence the previous birthday post). We didn't do much since all of his siblings were out of town, but I did get the traditional birthday cookie cake for him.

That's how he likes it. The cookie is just there to hold up the icing. Doesn't that make you pucker just looking at it? Anyway, we had some friends and my sister over and hung out for a while. It was a nice, quiet evening.

Then Friday, after SoldierMan went shooting for something like five hours (!), we left for Tulsa

with our brand new, handy-dandy TomTom. Love this thing. Although the turnpike is pretty much a straight-shot, Tulsa is, well, insane - like Norman insane, and you really need a GPS to get anywhere, especially in downtown Tulsa.

So, since this was our first real road trip with my new camera, I decided to try and get the obligatory Road Trip Shot. It turned out so-so. I had some fun with editing, but now I can't decide which of these three versions I like best.
This one...
...this one...

...or this one.
What's your opinion?

First thing I learned - I need to wash my car more often. Isn't that mirror disgusting? I apologize!

Anyway, Friday evening we get to Tulsa and our room at the Hyatt. It is probably the best value for your money. We didn't have any plans for the evening, which was how we intended it. Just wanted a nice, quiet evening together. So SoldierMan started playing with the flat 50 while I, um, obliged.

Yeah, I heart Lightroom. :)

Next thing I learned - I need a racerback bra.
I think the pictures speak for themselves in that regard.

That night was trip #1 to Dairy Queen. Dinner was at TGIF. I got sick. Nuff said. DQ helped.

Saturday we met up with our friends, Brianna and Joshua, for lunch and fun at Dave and Buster's. We had a blast!!

SoldierMan and I hadn't been before, but I can't wait till we get the chance to go again. I kicked 'em on the group trivia game....and that's about it ;) But we got enough tickets to get D&B shirts, and after the $10 free play coupons and $10 birthday coupon SoldierMan got, plus the extra $10 game card we got with our lunch special, we basically made out for free. It was awesome. Then we went swimming, had dinner, and made Dairy Queen trip #2.

Of course, that night was the main event!!!

Wow. W.O.W. It was amazing!!!

Background: I've never seen the musical before, but I have read the book, which I hated. Then a friend of mine saw the musical last summer when it was in OKC (we opted for Spamalot instead - which was also very fun) and she let me, um, back-up the soundtrack CD she bought. Since then, I've been obsessed, reading anything I can relating to the show.

For some good perspective, here is a link to an interview with composer Stephen Schwartz called "Wicked's Web of Musical Themes" and here is the link to an article on my fav site Big Hollywood written by their theater contributor, Stage Right, called Life Upon the “Wicked” Stage. Both are must-reads.

I love the music, and I was so excited to see it on stage. The four of us had pretty good seats, about halfway up the floor and on the side, but still close enough to even see the actor's expressions. The Tulsa Performing Arts Center is quite a bit smaller than the OKC Civic Center, so we had great seats. From the second the curtain went up, I was sucked in. It just kept building in intensity, and it was surprisingly easy not to sing along, I was so absorbed in the presentation. And when they finally hit "Defying Gravity", the song I posted for you yesterday, I thought I was going to take flight when Elphaba did!

Obviously, I didn't take that picture. But it was that cool. I'm still getting a high just remembering it! The second act, of course, is a pale comparison to the first, as anyone who has seen it knows. And we agreed as a group that the story line, while interesting, wasn't preferable to the original L. Frank Baum version. But man, nothing beats that score!

Which brings me to the next thing I learned - I really, really do miss my vocal training, and I make too many excuses not to continue it. So, I'm going to save money this fall and resume lessons in the Spring. I've degenerated so much since I quit three years ago. For those of you who don't know, which is probably most of you, when I was in shape, I was a Lyric Coloratura. I can still mostly sing along with the score, but only once through, and not even all the way through. Elphaba gets the meaty songs, but Glinda is really more my range with the higher register. And I should be able to handle either, right now I can barely handle them. Anyway, enough of that. It was a fantastic, amazing, intense experience and I'd love to relive it - at least the first act! :)

I really wanted to buy one of the shirts they had there, but they were like $40! For a t-shirt! I'm too Oklahoma for that - and even if I wasn't, well....let's just say it wasn't worth the hassle. So now I'm trying to find this design online for $15 or less.

Yeah, I know. Good luck....
You can't tell in that pic, but it was all sparkly and pretty...oh well.

When we got back to the hotel, the four of us stayed up and played cards until nearly 2. Fun times.

Sunday we went to Ron's Hamburgers for lunch, a local place that was really good. And of course, DQ trip #3.

Then we went to the IMAX theater and saw the 3-D version of Harry Potter. The 3-D part was pretty cool. But we had heard that it was supposed to be some sort of extended version with extra scenes not seen in regular theaters, and there weren't any, so we felt a bit jipped.

You'll probably notice that I have NO pics to share from Sunday. And in fact, the only pic of the four of us is from Brianna's camera, which I don't even have yet. Next thing I learned - I tend to ignore my camera much more than I think I do. And I always regret it. Like Saturday afternoon, at the pool, there were several opportunities for cute and fun pics of the four of us, and I left it up in the room so I "wouldn't have my hands full." And I always kick myself afterwards. Need to work on that.
[Here is the pic from Brianna. Turned out very well, I think.]
After the movie, SoldierMan and I came back to OKC and spent the rest of the evening collapsed on the couch. We were wiped out! Still are, really. :)

But really, we had a wonderful time together. Which brings me to the last thing I learned - to appreciate all the time we have together. There were the occasional moments where we'd argue over the TomTom directions, or what time we needed to leave/arrive at places, or some thing or other, and in the end, it was always something stupid. And really, it's never as bad as you think it is, and never really worth the energy of being upset.

All in all, it was a great weekend and we both got addicted to spending time together. In fact, SoldierMan was just saying how much he wished we could stay up late and hang out tonight - if only there wasn't work tomorrow. It's a good thing he has such a strong work ethic! We'd be poor if he stayed home with me as much as I asked him to.


  1. I like the first picture!

    Also - they have these clips that you can buy (I have seen them at CVS and Bed, Bath & Beyond) and they are these clips that turn any bra into a razer back! They look pretty cool!

    I want to see Wicked!!! Looks amazing!

  2. I love reading about your weekend!! Ya'll had a very relaxing, yet fun time!! I like the third pic best and what the above girl said is true about a small clip would make your bra work for razorback tanks. You can get it at Target too! Love you!

  3. I love Wicked!! Also I like the 2nd picture. Glad you had a great weekend

  4. I loved Wicked! It is such a great show!

  5. That cookie cake looks so delish! I can't look at it or I'll totally go buy one and eat it all to myself :)

  6. Hey, Jaci, you need to join your sister and us in the OCCC community choir. That will go a long toward vocal training. And, it's a blast!


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