August 30, 2009

Weekend Wrap-Up!

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So I've decided to start a new Monday event called "Weekend Wrap-Up." We all do them, but this way we can easily share our weekend wrap-ups via good ol' Mr. Linky down there. I've even got a button there on the left to link everyone back here.

So, to start us off, I'll give you an idea of our weekend.

Friday night, after the gym, we went to my parents' house to play dominoes late into the night. It was okay, but it definitely gave pause for thought over the whole "moving in with my parents" option. Still no decision there yet, FYI.

Saturday was more working on the house and cleaning. Until Saturday night, when we went to my friend Trish's house for "Old School Board Game Night."

It was so much fun! You always meet interesting people at Trish's.

Then we played this game where we all lined up, had the guys say random words or phrases and then they took pictures of our reactions.

I guess you had to be there....

Sunday was more working on the house and cleaning. Over all, a good weekend of time together.

So, let us know how your weekend was, and link below!


  1. What fun game night pictures!!

    TAMU is playing New Mexico this week. I am sure we will lose - Like we will ALL season for that matter but oh well. Still fun!

  2. Hey I like that first girl picture! Are you an Aggie!?!?!? Oh boy I hope so! I'm class of '05 and looking forward to the season although I know my blood pressure is sure to hit the roof... will we EVER be good again????

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. No, babe, so sorry. I'm a Sooner all the way!! But I'll support ANYONE against OSU or Texas!!! Boo Longhorns! :)


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