August 20, 2009

Some Giveaway Goodness

So many giveaways today!!

1. Allison a.k.a. The Displaced Texan is having a giveaway! Go check out her AMAZING cruise blogs. She went to some beautiful places.

2. The Give-Away Diva is having a really awesome giveaway from Lauren Nicole Gift. Go check it out!!

And I'm sure there are more going on right now, which I will pass along as I find them. I heart giveaways!

I'm also in the planning stages for my first giveaway. With my anniversary close at hand, it will most likely be timed around then, if not themed around it.


  1. So I just noticed your ticker has a countdown to Disney? I'm so jealous. I haven't been to Disney in several years and I'm ready to go back. I might have to check out Disneyland Paris to get my fix.


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