August 7, 2009

Text post: the corrected version

So this is my first attempt at blogging via text. Expect typos and disorganization. Fair warning.

We are now in Tulsa. I am not a fan of Tulsa by any means. But either way, here we are.

Why would we come to Tulsa when we dislike it so much? Two reasons:

Wicked and Dairy Queen.

The one area I will allow that Tulsa has one-up on OKC is that Tulsa has Dairy Queen. Now I still prefer Rusty's. But no one can duplicate a Dairy Queen dip cone. So over the course of the next 72 hours, we plan on getting Dairy Queen at least 5 times.

But the BIG reason we came to T-town is that we are meeting friends tomorrow night to see Wicked!

I have never seen Wicked before, and I am super excited. I own the soundtrack and was listening to it all morning while I was packing. I LOVE the music! So I have a little surprise scheduled to be posted tomorrow, as a treat for you.

I'm out of room now. Have a great weekend!


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