August 12, 2009

One of THOSE people

Maybe it's hormones, maybe it's the dehydration and lack of sleep resulting from a weekend filled with travel and heavy food, but I have just been in a crappy mood lately. Part of it, I think, has to deal with severe self-repression on my part.

The line between things I can talk about and things I can't talk about keeps getting blurred, at least in my mind. Because some of these things involve people other than myself, I am not able to talk about them in a public forum such as this. Not that I'm so delusional as to think the whole internet world traipses through my blog every day, but the truth is, you really don't know who may stop by randomly - at the wrong time. So, I file things in the "Do Not Discuss" file until further notice.

Then other things start falling into that file whether they should be there or not. I get so used to not talking about things that I've found myself recently not talking about, well, anything.

This makes things like blogging honestly very frustrating, because while I'd love to say "this, this and this happened, and this is how I feel about it," there's this part of me that says, "off-limits!!" every single time.

Seriously, I'm about to boil over. And I don't think it would help if I did.


  1. thank you for stopping by my blog -- yes, pasta & sauce are a staple in this house!! ha!

    i look forward to reading your blog!!

  2. i understand what you mean! i semi solved my problem by creating a blog for our families....they are perfectly content with that and it makes me feel like I can be a little more open about certain things on this one. write it in a journal and stick it under your bed!!!

  3. I know this feeling all too well. Once it's out there, it's out there. Sucks but true. Sometimes it helps me to write a blog about something and then never post it. Just typing it all out and reading over it gives me that sense of relief. IDK, just an idea!

  4. hmm get used to it! i'm really not the idiot I appear to be on my blog, rambling about my obsessions and my kids, always usuing humor and sarcasm, its just that so much of our life is off limits. thats the problem sometimes with the military, its a job but its part of your life too.


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