August 13, 2009

In other news.....

Shotgun post:

  • So I'm growing my hair out again. I thought I was leaving my days of frumpiness and ponytails behind me, but I guess not. Long story, but anyway, I can feel it growing as I type. Icky.
  • I really don't get the word verifications people put on their blog comment sections. Seriously, I've never had one on mine, at least not since I learned you can turn it off, and I never get spam comments. Ever. I find those word verifications annoying. It deters me from leaving comments sometimes, because it turns a quick, "Oooh, nice photos!" comment into an ordeal because it takes longer to decipher the word jumble than it does to type the actual comment.
  • Over the weekend, while we were in Tulsa, the Oklahoma Federation of Republican Women held their convention, and I was awarded the "Rising Star" award. Basically for a younger woman who is involved. I'm not really sure of the significance of this, because there are something like 5o clubs in the state, and both I and the woman our club nominated for Woman of the Year won. So I'm wondering if maybe they award one to each group, because it sounds like too much of a coincidence that out of a state-full of nominees we both won. But hey, I'll take it.
  • We're watching through season 2 of '24'. First off, apparently all the women on that show are morons. This is nothing against 24, I think it's a great show, but this season, the main female characters so far have all been idiots who don't know when to keep their mouths shut (and not leak critical kidnap-inducing information) or when to run to the cops (rather than take a victim of child abuse across state lines.) But, last night, Daniel Dae Kim started him tertiary role on their, and it made me miss LOST like nobody's buisness! That, and listening to the LOST panel at Comic-Con the other day. I love that show!


  1. Thanks for the comment. I am from Oklahoma too!!

  2. thanks for the comments!
    i spent a lot of time yesterday catching up on your blog... i like you. you're like an uber-hyper-charged version of me. i'm not so sure about the oklahoma bit though... it's actually a great state. we have family that live in Edmond (brother-in-law is a pastor at a wealthy church... it's edmond, of course it's wealthy) and mother-in-law & father-in-law followed suit to live in edmond. so, it's not so great in our eyes anymore. (but don't mention that in any comments on my blog please... mother-in-law checks it multiple times a day!)

  3. First off, I have loved reading through your blog--I really like you, I think we would get along great, sarcasm, snide comments and all. Secondly, thanks for your comments. I read what you asked me too and wow! Let me think about a response. I will say, I am 100% against that life style, no bit of explaining is going to convince me otherwise.

  4. Agreed about the verification thingy. I don't have that up on my post do i? now I'm wondering....


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