August 17, 2009

I Promise, These ARE Related

Life is a learning process, but some things you should just know, right?

Like, yes, I know in my head that God will provide and take care of us/me through all our uncertain future is bringing, but my heart doesn't always remember that.

Soldierman posted his facebook status today: "76 days till the day of infamy." Yes, that is intentionally vague, since there is still a definite need-to-know classification surrounding said day.

Literally, I stopped breathing for a second when I read that. Time is just moving too quickly for me. 76 days.....

Then I remember this last week. Bear with me, I know this will seem silly.

One of my newfound luxuries is getting my hair cut. Yeah, yeah, what's the big deal, you say? Well maybe you other ladies (and the occasional gentleman who may stop by) are used to getting your hair cut and maybe even colored on a regular basis. I am not. In fact, since about highschool, I never got my hair cut more than maybe three or four times a year. I'd cut it at the beginning of summer and let it grow back out, with the occasional trim.

Then I got a new short hairstyle, and loved it. The problem is, when you cut your hair so infrequently, you don't have a regular "hair girl." I'd just go to some hair student at church (which I'm fine with, they are usually cheap and do a good job since they aren't used to doing old lady hair all the time yet).

Then I found a hair girl. She gave me the best haircut of my life. Really. I loved it. And I had my next appt. scheduled for last Friday.

Then I had a couple of photo shoot cancel on me. And this other freelancing opportunity I was waiting on seemed like it was falling through. And that's where my hair money comes from.

So I had to call and cancel. Very depressing, in case you hadn't noticed.

Then a crazy thing happened. I got called about a meeting with the woman who I was talking to about the freelancing job. It wasn't about that, she just wanted some feedback about a new product she is launching. So I go up on Saturday and we have a really fun and exciting brainstorming session. And as we finish, she surprises me by paying for my time up there.

It just so happens it's the exact amount of my haircut.

It's like God was saying, "See, I'll make it work. Just stop worrying."

So now I'm back on for another haircut and the truth that God really will provide everything we need is fresh to me.

Which is really important for me to remember, since this still makes me tear up every time it comes on TV.

76 days....


  1. Its a good commercial but you have to admit the Marine Corps has BY FAR the best!

  2. They don't have Gary Sinese! :)


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