August 29, 2009

Great Big Beautiful Tomorrow

Things are much better today. Sorry about going off yesterday. I guess it was just one of those days. It didn't help that our water was out because they had to work on a main AGAIN! That happens like every couple of months. Always a guarantee for a bad mood.

So, here's some randomness for you. I like to play the baby name game. So one time I thought about what I would choose for names if we had a set of boy/girl twins.

I like unusual names. I always felt like, growing up, I had an unusual name (which isn't really the case, but when you're a kid and you're the only one whose name is ten letters long, it feels freaking unique!)

Anyway, so I'm thinking of a boy's name, and I somehow arrived at the name Justice, cause it's kind of like Justin, but different, and a good, solid-sounding name. I don't like lyrical names on men. Just one of my things. I think men's names need to feel somehow sturdy and masculine, and Justice fits the bill.

Then I was thinking of a girl's name. And a friend of mine has some girls named something like Patience, and Freedom, and a third one I can't remember. I liked the idea of Freedom, but that wasn't quite right, so I thought of Liberty, which I think is really pretty, and lyrical, which is perfect for a girl. It also has a more feminine sound, in my opinion, than Freedom.

I also like the Puritan practice where they gave their kids character traits as names, like my friend above, with Patience and Freedom, and those names also fit that criteria.

So that's where I ended up: Justice and Liberty. Those sound good together, right?

And then I thought, wait a second, "With Liberty and Justice....."

Yeah, pretty sure I won't do that, unless I get a huge green light from Hubs. (Which won't happen, he's not big on unusual names.)

My patriotism does know SOME bounds!


  1. I like unusual names too, but not like weird-unusual. We aren't even having kids anytime soon and Sean and I can't agree on any names.

    Oh and I really thought from the title of your post that you were going to do a post on Disney! He he.

  2. lol, love it :) You should def. name your kids that. . .great conversation starters!

  3. I'm boring and unimaginative and like really mainstream names. Names like Andrew and Alana (or maybe I just like 'A' names...)

    As for character trait names, I'm sure it's the cynic in me, but to me that's like getting a partner's name tattooed to you you - a guarantee of a breakup or, in the case of names, a guarantee the kid will display the opposite of said character trait. I mean who many Chastitys do you know of who are actually chaste?? (And I'm sure I've just insulted your best friend or mother who happens to be named Chastity..)


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