August 21, 2009

Feeling Funkish Friday

I don't mean funkish like funky. I mean funkish like blah.

It's been a day. It will be, well, probably a lot like this until vacation. The walls are closing in on Hubs, at the very least.

I am reading all of your blogs, I just honestly don't have the energy to come up with responses to any of them. But I do care. I'm just.....bleh.....

Anyway, so this won't be a total waste of time, here's some good scene bite therapy.


  1. office space rocks. quite simple said.

  2. I have days like this. Sorry you are too though.

    I heart Office Space. In makes me want to go watch it right now.

  3. no worries, we all have those days ... hope the sun shines soon!!!

  4. just watched that movie while going to bed alst night... well, actualy, hubs did... i fell asleep quite quickly! adn we're going to st. augustine... up near the georgia border. with the in-laws (the ones in edmond...l. their time share... of course!)


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