July 21, 2009


So, here's a True Story Tuesday for ya....it's a small one, because I don't have much time on my hands.....

The other day, I'm in Edmond, coming home from a job interview. I pull up to this intersection, and I'm like three cars back from the light.

All of the sudden, I hear this frantic honking and hollering...

And I look over, and there is this guy parked in the lane next to me going nuts!

He's the ONLY one in his lane, but he's stopped next to me, three cars back

This fellow in his mid-late 30's in a nice, newish car (obviously; it is Edmond!)

And obviously trying to get my attention....

So the decision. I'm one of those people that my natural reaction to situations like this - apparently crazy strangers trying to get my attention - is to pretend like I can't see/hear them. And my car has major tinting, so that was doable for me.

Anyway, I let myself glance over, cause it's been a while now and he's not moving or stopping, and I notice that he keeps pointing to the back of my car.

Oh great, I got a flat, I think.

But then I notice he is giving me several thumbs up, too, intermittent in the honking, waving and pointing.

Finally I figure it out. He's reacting to my bumper sticker!

So, I return the thumbs up and smile, hoping he can see me through the tinting. I guess he did, cause at this point, he actually cracked a smile and pulled forward.

That was the longest red light ever!

This is my bumper sticker:


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