July 20, 2009

Leather is Beautiful

We have been really stressed out and busy the last few weeks (due to the super-classified secret). One big step in the process was completed on Thursday, so SoldierMan and I decided to deliberately try to take this weekend slow and just relax and unwind.

Friday evening, my parents took us out to dinner to commemorate Thursday's big step completion. But, with Christopher still down from his surgery and Meredith (sister) being out of town and Chris (sister's SO) being at Nat'l Guard annual training (or whatever they call it, I really need to bone up on my Army lingo!) only we and my parents could go. It was nice.

Saturday - a whole lotta nothin. SoldierMan worked outside for a little bit, I worked inside for a little bit, but mostly it was just a lot of R&R. We both needed it, both physically and mentally. It was really the nicest Saturday we've had in a while (excepting the visit to the gym - since we couldn't go Friday.)

Sunday was more of the same - other than getting up at 7:45 to go to church and set everything up and then finding out at 3:00 that my grandpa's birthday party was at 5:00. Which went well. It was nice seeing everyone again. All in all, it was a slow weekend of early nights, (mostly) late mornings and general reconnection and relaxation.

The big thing was, on Friday, I was hired to do a shoot for Loveless Boots, a local boot and shoe company. They are updating their literature and needed new photos.

This was one of their newer inclusions in the brochure. Women's dress shoes. This little beauty is dyed ostrich leather. Gorgeous!

These have a great story behind them. These two guys wanted to go gator hunting, and their wives said they could only go if they bagged big enough gators to make purses out of. So, they did, and sent Loveless Boots the skins and a picture of a Louis Vuitton purse and said "Make this out of that," and this is the result. Pretty cool, I thought.

But THIS I saw right off the bat! I love Zebra print stuff, so this immediately caught my eye. I walked over and felt of the shiny fur, and was told, "Yeah, that's our zebra shoe." Yes, I said, I love zebra print. "No, not zebra 'print.' Zebra." Wow. *LOVE*

I took over 100 shots for them, and I am running the finals over to them today. It was so much fun, and if you like boots or leathergoods at all, you really need to check them out!


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