July 2, 2009

I think I love you

So here's the deal.

The Atkins thing is off.

Go ahead and call me a wuss, but let me explain.

Firstly, we started Atkins at my husband's request (he has some fitness goals to achieve in a certain span of time in accordance with the super classified secret). So I said, sure, why not. No big deal, right? Diets stink, but if we were doing it together, it might not be so bad. Just sayin', it wasn't my idea.

Secondly, there wasn't a whole lot of research put into this. I trusted that the information he sent me was good (a bit of internet research, he talked to a couple of people who had done it with huge success) so at first, I didn't really investigate it further than to plan our meals and purge the house of all forbidden foods.

Then, it started. The almost blinding headaches, debilitating fatigue, nausea, dizziness. At first we wrote it off as merely adjusting to a radical change in diet, which is mostly true. But there was more to it than that.

Atkins is the diet for people who don't exercise. That's just the plain and simple truth of it. Once we started really looking into it, there was not one person in the world of fitness and exercise who recommended it (and fewer health professionals than you might imagine) because while Atkins does do a good job of dropping weight really, really fast, it does so because your body has no carbs. (duh.) Which is essentially like trying to load everyone in the car for a family trip, but then taking out the gas to meet weigh station weight limits. The car won't run. Your body won't run.

Since SoldierMan has both weight and fitness goals to achieve, now that we have considered all the evidence, we have decided that Atkins was not the right plan for us. I can't imagine who it would be the right plan for, but that's something else.

However, one good thing that came out of this was learning more about foods and how our body responds to different foods. So now we are able to make better choices about the foods we do eat, rather than just cut out 60% of the food pyramid altogether (seriously, how healthy can that be?!?!)

So, the weight tracker at the stop stays. Food intake alters. Exercise remains and progresses. Life goes on.

And now I'll be able to talk about something else for a while!


  1. good for you! I dont get the atkins thing, my parents did it and lost weight but then my father had a massive heart attack (I'm not sayin it was the atkins) and his doctors flipped about how bad it was. They put him on the American Heart Assoc. diet plan and he's been doing great.

    I did WW last year, I didnt have a ton to lose, only ten stubborn pounds but I knew I need structure and someone explaining HOW to eat. And it did just that.

  2. That's something I forgot to add. I do have a heart issue and my heart was not liking this diet at all. It was constantly fluttering and sputtering. So glad that's over!

  3. Good for you! Balance and good natural foods are SO important in diet! I also don't think there is any particular diet that is one-size-fits-all, right for everyone. You have to find what works for you.

    We tried the Blood Type Diet for awhile, a couple times. I think it has some validity (we evolved over time eating different foods and so forth), but he gets way to specific with foods, and it seems better like a general guideline. So, eat whole, unprocessed foods as much as possible, and what makes you feel good!

    Good luck


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