July 6, 2009

Happy 5th?

So this was a very unusual holiday weekend in Oklahoma.

Firstly, SoldierMan was off on Friday, so that was nice. We got to hang out in the morning and just relax, which we haven't been able to do in a while, even on Saturdays. There has just been so much to do around the house and such. Thursday night, the night before, we had gone to my parents' house and shot off some small fireworks, like sparklers and things. I didn't take my camera because I wasn't expecting to do that. Oh, how I regret it now.

Friday evening, I was second shooter at a wedding in Norman. It was beautiful, but it was outdoors. I simply cannot understand outdoor weddings. Especially here. But it was really beautiful, the people were the nicest you could meet, and I think their day was very special. However, I was on my feet for nearly 7 straight hours outside in the heat. Plus, since I was second shooter for another photographer, I don't own any of the photos I took or I'd share them with you here. I must say, I was pretty pleased with how they turned out.

Saturday, of course, was the 4th. Usually my Dad's family gets together in the afternoon, then we all disperse and go watch fireworks at various places in the evenings. This year, though, my dad and my cousin (who works with him) had to work at a fair in a nearby city. So we had the day to ourselves, which we judiciously spent watching TV, playing games and generally being lazy. Again, we haven't had any "just the two of us time" in so long, it was nice just to do NOTHING together!

We planned on going to the fair to watch their fireworks that night, but the weather had other plans. (Thank you, Gary England, for your marvelous real-time facebook updates!) So, instead, we went to my parents' house (again) and tried to wait the rain out watching movies.

Sunday, the 5th, was an early morning to church. Of course it was a low morning, the mix of summer vacations and the morning after a holiday killed attendance, but it was still a great morning. There was a somewhat freaky moment during service that turned out amazing. Pastor Tony had been speaking about 5 minutes after a great time of worship when a man walked down the center aisle and came to a stop in front of the stage. No one really noticed him at first, until Tony stopped and said, "Yes sir, how can we help you?" No one could hear what he said, but all we could see (from our angle) was that he raised his hand to his hip. Several men jumped up and started moving forward, but it turned out he was just fidgeting. Tony said, "Yes sir, we can help you with that. Wilson, come down here. This man just asked to be baptized." Then, after service, he was. It was a pretty awesome thing.

That afternoon was the Dake family get-together. (Here are the pictures.)

Ladderball is the newest attraction at the get-togethers.

Then we hit the kiddie pool at the clubhouse. These are my aunt and my cousins with their kids.

And of course, the obligatory croquet.

After that, we went home, rested up a bit, and THEN we to my aunt's on my mom's side. Their family had gathered for dinner but we were late. The main reason they had gotten together was that Sunday (the 5th) was my grandmother's 95th birthday. In the rush to get over there I forgot my camera. Again, huge regret. Also, it was my chance to get a first look at a couple of cute new babies, and also to have a last look at some cousins who are moving away for a few years. We were only there an hour or so but it was time well-spent.

In the end, we never made it to a fireworks show, never made it to the lake, didn't go swimming....it was a very unusual holiday weekend. But we still had fun.

As an aside, if I haven't commented on your blog recently - this is the reason why. I'm still recovering today from all the things we did, and making up for all the things we didn't do (like dishes and laundry!)


  1. I'm with you on the outdoor weddings. It is just too hot this time of year! I went to one at the end of July in Texas, and the poor guy had to wear his dress blues (Marine). Yuck! Save it for the fall!

  2. next time someone says Ick to Georgia, remind them they could be at Ft. Polk. If they haven't been, take them on a stroll through the worst area of town in your city with a blow drier on their face the whole time. That's Ft.Polk.

  3. I love croquet! I have such good memories playing with my parents, my bro, and my grandparents. Good time....good times.


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