July 27, 2009

Updated: Are You an Orphan?

I heart adoption. In a big, big way. (See the sidebar) We have lots of friends who have adopted children and plan on adopting ourselves when we are able.

Which is why my heart is hurting right now. Adoption has recently come under heavy attack by the Enemy.

First, there is that new movie coming out, "Orphan." Here is the [fixed link] trailer:

The previous link was from the official website and has since disabled embedding. No doubt because many, MANY adoption bloggers are using it to spread the word just like this.

I know I'm not a horror movie person anyway, but that just makes me sick. Like there aren't enough issues for adoptive parents of older children to work through without having these images subliminally implanted in the back of their minds.

Then there was the incident in Phoenix. A family adopted an 8-year-old girl from Liberia. After they brought her home, she was raped by 4 neighborhood boys. Rather than embracing their daughter and giving her support and counseling, the family has dumped her in the CPS system saying they didn't want her anymore because of the attack. Really? REALLY?!

We are all orphans, spiritually, and yet God chose us before the foundation of the world to be His children, regardless of any merit on our own part. Then once we are in His family, nothing can remove us, and we are no longer slave or free, Jew or Greek - we are all unified in the same family.

Did you know that, while a biological child can go to court and legally separate himself from his parents, the adoption laws are structured so that it is virtually impossible for an adopted child to do so? That was no accident.

Adoption is the most pure earthly representation of salvation that exists, which is why Satan will do anything he can to skew that image in people's minds.

Is it possible there is a family considering adopting a child who, with their love and support, would become the next Billy Graham or Mother Theresa - a family who might be dissuaded because of all the negative images being put out regarding adoption? Satan would love nothing more.

But the question also must be asked - are you still an orphan? Have you been adopted into God's family?

If so, have you yet considered whether that tug at your heart you are feeling while reading this is a leading to adopt? Jesus said that pure and undefiled religion was taking care of widows and orphans. There is so much out there today that didn't exist before in the way of community and financial support. Explore your options and ask God if it would be His desire for you to open your heart and your home to adoption. If He wants it to happen, He will provide what you need for it to happen, be it emotional support or financial support.

If not, if you haven't yet come into the family of God, ask yourself these questions:

Would you consider yourself to be a good person? Have you ever told a lie? That's definitely on the list of "Thou Shalt Not"s. Have you ever hated someone? Jesus said that hating someone is the moral equivalent of committing murder in your heart.

The bottom line is, none of us is good enough to overcome the burden of our sin. That's why Jesus came, to reconcile us to God and make open the way for anyone to be forgiven of their sins and enter into God's family. If you haven't done that yet, please do so.

"While God doesn't promise tomorrow, He does promise eternity." ~ Tony Snow


  1. I love the passion in this post. And I agree about adoption - it's a wonderful way to enrich the life of a child, and it's also an enormous challenge. May nephew was adopted by a fundamentalist Christian family after my sister was in a car wreck, and though I disagree strongly with their politics, I will always be grateful to them for the love and care they gave to him. I wish you good fortune with it.

    I would not consider myself (or anyone else) a "good" person. Nor a "bad" person. Judgments of that nature, I believe, reliably bring more harm than benefit. I have hurt others, sometimes badly, and always when that happens, I feel sad and I hurt. I have also done things that brought joy to others, or peace. And always, when I do, I feel joy. For everyone I know, it's the same. How, then, is there good and bad? I think that's what Jesus was getting at in Matthew 7:1-5.

    We are all the image of God, who is perfect and a spirit. And we are all, also, mortal humans.

    It makes for a very interesting life.

    And no, I'm not Christian.



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