June 30, 2009

Where Am I? What Was I Talking About?

So I've tried and tried to start this post so many times over. My brain-stalling is probably due to my new diet.

In accordance with the super-secret thing I'm not allowed to talk about, we have started a new diet, per request of the hubs. So, yesterday, we began Atkins. I don't think either of us had any idea how much of our diet consisted of carbs. I pretty much lived on pasta. Of course, there are a lot of foods you can still eat, which is good.

However, the worst part is probably no Coke. Only Diet Coke.

I'm trying really, really hard to like Diet Coke. I am. But oh man, it is just not the same!

So yesterday I was fighting headaches and fatigue (due, I'm sure, to the radical diet change) and today they started again as soon as I woke up.

However - Last night I went to bed without a bloaty belly. Probably a first since high school. Today I woke up and it was still gone. So there must be something to this.

Anyway, for the sake of accountability and because it will most likely be the foremost thing on my mind for the next few weeks, I'm going to be documenting my Atkins experience. Complete with a no-fudging weight tracker on the top.

Anyway, just for something different here are a few pictures I took over our last weekend of food freedom. They are from my favorite baby's birthday party.

He's such a doll! And he's already a year old. *sniff*


  1. yikes no coke? I'd die. JUST DIE. I did ww last summer to lose the "last ten pounds" and loved it. And I budgeted my points daily for a coke. Why waste my time with that diet coke crap. I'd rather drink water. So hats off to you if you have the will power!

    and might I just add, as adorable as that little boy is, that cake looks FANTASTIC.

  2. He's so cute! and snuggly adorable...

    I'm glad mine are older now, though!

  3. I should probably clarify, that is NOT my baby! We are still childless, but that is my friend's baby, who is probably going to get early macular degeneration from all the pictures I take of him!

    And yes, the cake WAS amazing!

  4. I stand by my comment. Thanks for the clarification, though!


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