June 17, 2009

Video Day

So, in lieu of trying to blog and accidentally spilling my guts more than I'm allowed -

One thing about Dakes, we cannot keep secrets -

I'm going to post a few choice videos for you today.

I love Coke. Real Coke with caffiene and calories and corn syrup. And I LOVE Coke commercials.

This I just had to share. It's amazing the things people believe.

And now, a commentary on things like wedding gifts and unusual hiring incentives. What do you think? To gift or not to gift? Should nurses be paid in in-kind services?

Tell me what you think!


  1. oh I do love real coca cola. Or caffeine free now that I'm knocked up and cutting back on caffeine. Nothing is worse then when I go out to eat and they only serve pepsi. Makes me miss the south and the land of coke!

  2. No kidding! I'm not looking forward to that. Coke is in my blood. We half-joke that the kids in my family (cousins and all) had coke in their bottles. Half-joke, because it really was true, but only after the whole teeth and solid food stage.


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