June 20, 2009

A Small Indulgence

I try to keep my two blogs separate because they address two different aspects of my life.

But today, I'm just really burned up.

If you have been following what has been going on in Iran recently, and their fight for their right to have an honest election, click the link below for my take on this week's current events.

Really, these people are in the same position the American colonists were in back in 1776, facing a tyrannical and oppressive government subjugating them to violence and taxation without representation. It only stands to reason that as Americans and as human beings we would support their desire to enjoy the rights we so often take for granted.

But not everyone thinks so. Hence the blog.

Mr. Gorbechev...Nice Tie Today....

Ignore it if you like, and next week I'll be back to benign postings. Promise.


  1. I agree totally with your sentiments. My husband is so worked up by this and the lack of conviction on Obama's part that he literally turns red when he starts talking (ranting) about it.

    My respect for the Iranian people is tremendous right now. They are rioting and dying in the streets in an effort to have their voices heard. And people here are proud when they merely take five minutes to go vote on election day? Hardly equal. Ugh, now I'm on my own rant.


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