June 10, 2009

Cold-medicine Induced Randomness

So I've become a tea drinker, at least temporarily. I've discovered the best way to combat this funk I've got is to drink a cup of hot Tazo green tea (green tea, lemongrass and mint - it's awesome) first thing in the morning. It opens my throat right up and puts my voice almost back to normal, except for the whole nasal Fran Drescher thing.

Still super excited about the new hair cut (see previous). The question is, of course, whether or not I will be able to make it look like Sarah did after she styled it with my own inferior products and techniques. Fingers crossed.

And recently, we here in OKC had a bit of high-profile vandalism. There's a movie filming here starring, among others, Jessica Alba. No, I don't know what the movie is called or who else is in it, just that it's kind of a slasher movie and I was too sick to go to the open cast call, at which point I stopped caring. Anyway, the other night, Jessica got a little toasted and decided to wake Oklahoma up to the hardships threatening the Great White Shark.

Really now. Just a thought, Jess, but this is OKLAHOMA. What the crap do you expect a landlocked state to do about sharks? The best part is, she's trying to pass the blame by saying some local Save the Sharks group lured her into the white-trash vandalism. Yeah, all those Oklahoma-based marine life activist groups. Gotta watch out for those. You can click to enlarge the pictures, in case you don't believe me that those are her. And anyway, she admitted it.

Here's a hypothetical question. Purely hypothetical. On what scale of badness is it to take an online college class (one that's pure elective nothingness) for someone else, giving them the credit for it? The way I see it, it's not really a whole lot different than comparing homework before you turn it in, but there are some differing views. Curious to hear your thoughts.

Also, as a side note, there have been a number of new blogs I have started following and commenting on in the last week or two. If you are reciprocating and visiting my blog, let me explain as best I can. I am following your blogs because there is a certain common aspect of your lifestyles that I am soon going to be emulating. I wish I could be more specific than that, but since it is all very top-secret at this point, I have to be vague. At least, I hope I'm being vague. So anyway, that's why I'm stalking you now. I want to be you. Isn't that usually how that happens?

To close, if you haven't yet watched Red Eye, you should. Here's a clip from a while ago (cause they are horrible about uploading recent clips to youtube.) featuring Father Jonathan Morris, my favorite Catholic, or as I like to refer to him, Father What-a-shame. ;)


  1. Personally speaking, I don't think I could take an online class for someone else. I'm a pretty black and white person and well, to me technically its cheating.And then what are they getting out of the class that even if its nothingness they should try to get something out of blah blah blah. That and well I suffered thru college already and paid my dues, not doing that again! But that part is my purely selfish reasoning.

    Good luck with the vague part of your life. Most of life, much to my black/white desire ends up being vague. Go with it! : )

  2. Yes, this is true. I was just curious to see what others thought. And the vagueness is becoming more clear, at least for those concerned. Hopefully we'll have everything out in the open in a few weeks!

  3. I haven't taken a class for someone, but I have written a paper or two in exchange for money. And I am a teacher. What does that say about me? Uh oh! :)

    Judging by the other peeps I see commenting I'm pretty sure your new development is becoming a crazy conservative republican blogger. :) Am I right?

  4. Hahaha....no, I've been that for a long time now ;) But on another blog. I try to keep that separate from here. I haven't actually linked to any of the new ones on the column on the right. This is top secret, after all! :)

  5. Hi! Visiting from SITS! I'm a crazy conservative, too. Don't hide it, come right on out w/ the rest of us. :)
    Anyway, i love your blog. I love the randomness of this post. lol
    I'm now following and will continue to check in.
    Stop by my blog anytime! :)

  6. oops, forgot to answer your question. I wouldn't take an online class for someone. I just wouldn't feel right about it. I think that even though it would be easy to get away with, it would eat me up inside.
    I don't think comparing notes and stuff is the same.
    sorry i forgot to answer that one. :)

  7. Hi Christy! I will be sure to stop by :) Thanks for the comments, I really appreciate it.


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