June 16, 2009

Catching Up

Well, I've been distracted lately, a lot. So, be assured that I am reading your posts, but I'm just lurking right now. Lack of comments doesn't equal lack of interest, at least in this case!

Right now I'm waiting until about 10:45, then I'm driving down to the Warren and buying balcony tickets for the midnight showing of Harry Potter next month. I have to say, my expectations for the film are low, but I am super excited for another installment. This is David Yates' chance to redeem himself, which I sincerely hope he does.

And I am kicking myself into bruises because I DID NOT take my camera to the fundraiser last night. There was a county fundraiser here and good old friend JC Watts spoke. He was, as usual, a blast, but we were in such a rush to leave I forgot my camera. Now, granted, this was more of a low-profile old home get-together, so there wasn't really anyone there with a camera; I would have stuck out a mile away. But I'm still really disappointed in myself. I'm sure my mom is, too.

Still in the job hunt. It's been very frustrating. I've applied to more jobs than I can count, only to get dead air. In one instance, I saw on a local store's website they were hiring 4 positions. I ran down there and filled out an application for all 4 of them. Nothing. So after about a week I call and the woman who answers says, "Yeah, we saw your application, but we aren't hiring, I don't know where you saw that." UGH!! But you know, through it all, God has been good. He has definitely provided the gap in going from two incomes to one, and then some. Like, no only are all our bills getting paid, but I was able to get my haircut, SoldierMan is getting to get the gun he's been wanting, and God just keeps making it happen. I wonder sometimes (all the time) if this isn't supposed to be an exercise in faith for us. Goodness knows, the next few years of our lives will be completely outside of the realm of the known. Maybe God is trying to teach us to just learn how to trust Him in our day to day lives. At least, that's how I'm choosing to look at it, even if no one else is.

So, anyway, sorry about the long, boring, picture-less post. (Again, kicking myself!!) Next time should be better! Promise!


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