June 18, 2009

Baby Fever!!

So the baby boom continues.

A few weeks ago, my cousin Sarah had her baby, Ayden.

My friends, Michael and Lindsay, had their son Jackson yesterday (I haven't been to see him yet, so I don't have any pictures.)

My other cousin, Jennifer, is expecting.

And my OTHER cousin (I've got something around 50) Michelle is in the "any second now" phase waiting for her second son, Micah.

Plus, I now have two blogger friends in China picking up their daughters, and another who recently brought their son home. It's happy family expansion all around!!

All I have to say is, thank goodness for the babies already born to help me stave off my baby fever! Lord knows we couldn't handle that on top of everything else!

For therapy, here are some shots of my current heartthrob, Benjamin


  1. if your baby fever gets to be too much your more then welcome to come spend a few days with my boys. They will help you hold off for a few more years! darling as they are! : )

    and that baby is adorable!

  2. :) Thanks, I've got plenty of offers! Honestly I've never been really good with kids. I was a horrible babysitter. Babies, though, I can do. This little guy is the first baby session I ever shot (these are mostly unretouched shots, except for the last one) and he's my babe! That was at about seven months, and we're going to his 1-year-old birthday party next week. He's seriously the best baby ever. But I'm biased ;)


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