June 26, 2009

All the world holds dear

Pop quiz:

Who died the same day as JFK?

Who died the same day as Princess Di?

Who died the same day as Michael Jackson?

I'm sure I'll get called all sorts of names for this, I already have elsewhere, but I really don't get it.

Yes, he made good music. Yeah, a cultural phenomenon. But really, he lost all his shine for me with the whole, you know, child molesting thing. I know, I know, he wasn't convicted - even though he admitted to sleeping with little boys. Is it really any surprise, after seeing the world's reaction to his death, that he wasn't? To steal a quote from someone else: If they discovered that some 40 year old guy on your street had "creepy sleepovers" with your kids, I doubt we'd be "setting aside his many oddities".

Then we get to Farrah Fawcett. I never really was a "fan," per se. I enjoyed Charlie's Angels reruns (Jaclyn was my fav, though), and she was good in the bit part in Logan's Run, but other than that she wasn't really on my radar. But hey, she never hurt any kids.

And who is the world more upset about losing?

All I can say is that I hope they each made themselves right with God before it was too late. I really can't say either way in either case. Only a person knows the truth about their own relationship with God.

I guess it just strikes me as ironic. Again, Fawcett wasn't a saint, I'm not saying that. But she had a long, hard, dirty, gritty fight with cancer. That in itself makes me more sympathetic to her.

Today, ask someone on the street the first question, and I'll bet no one could tell you. (CS Lewis)

Ask someone the second, and probably a few. (Mother Theresa)

I just wonder how long it will take before people forget the answer to the last one.

I'm not knocking anyone who is really upset about this, which includes members of my own family. Just trying to put some perspective on it.


  1. Very well said! I didn't realize that posting my thoughts on my facebook page would start a debate, but it did, to the point where I deleted my former co-worker as a friend.

  2. heres what else I dont get... we're supposed to be shocked that a guy who lived his life like MJ died young? Really? He tweaked his face more then I change my underwear and surrounded himself with yes men and was doing lord knows what. I hate to sound horribly crass but really, get over it folks.

  3. I think the tragedy of MJ was his life more than his death. Sadsadsad.

    Good cartoon. The media circus drives me nuts. Enough already!


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