May 8, 2009

Here's an Opportunity

Hey guys, this is a short one. I'll be posting a super long one soon, but here is a quick one-shot.

A good friend of mine is going to Uganda in just over a week. She has asked that anyone who has any extra items like clothes or shoes you aren't using anymore, she is volunteering to deliver them personally to people who need them.

Her mother, Carole, works directly with the people of Uganda bringing them to a saving knowledge of Jesus, but she also ministers to their felt needs as well as their spiritual ones.

Any age, any size, any gender. Whatever you have - shirts, pants, socks, shoes - anything is welcome.

If you live in the greater OKC area, let me know and we'll work out logistics.

If you live outside the area, pray for Bekah and for her trip and for the work being done there. You know enough about Uganda that I don't have to describe what the missionaries there are facing, but here is a link to their website in case you would like more info.


*Photo is from the Favor of God flickr site. It is not mine and I claim no ownership.


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