May 20, 2009

Climb Every Mountain

I am facing a dilemma. After writing some pretty heavy previous posts, it's intimidating to come back and say, "So today, I did....." But I guess there's no way around that. Even Al Mohler has to write a sticky note, I'm sure. :)

Anyway, right now, we're still waiting on the job thing to pan out. Thankfully, having more time during the day has meant I have had time to get all the chores done, so that we get the weekends (and most evenings) now to just play, which is awesome. Also I'm able to take in a bit more work in our side business, doing data entry at the house. I did about three weeks worth last week, so that was exciting. Hopefully that rate will be steady until something else materializes.

Something one of my sisters-in-law said the other day has been heavy on my mind, though. I have five sisters-in-law and Becca is the youngest. She's in college and loves the Lord and has more energy in a day than I have in a week. :) She is one of the most alive people I know and just being around her is exciting because her happy energy is so contagious.

SIL Becca with other SIL Joh. I didn't have one of me and Becca together, oddly.
We'll have to work on that.

But anyway, the other day, she posted her facebook status something that has stuck with me:

People always say that when God closes a door, He opens a window or another door or whatever... well... maybe He just wants you to shut up and listen for a while and stop trying to get somewhere.

That's totally how I feel right now. I've applied to more jobs than I can count for a variety of things and I'm just getting dead air. And I just wonder what it is I'm missing.

Anyway, I don't have any really major epiphany to share with you. Just some random thoughts. But right now, I continue the time of waiting, and hope I'm not missing the message.


  1. The job thing is tough. It was tough a year ago when I was trying desparately to find one, and it's even worse now. In two months I submitted 63 resumes, and got 1 call back. I even applied for things well below my capabilities and goals.

    You will find something, even if it's not the perfect job yet. Good luck, and I hope you find something soon.


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