April 30, 2009

Spaghetti Vegitalli

I'm not working at SoldierMan's office anymore. It turned out to be even more short-term than we had anticipated, but that's okay. It was fun and SoldierMan and I really enjoyed working together as long as we could. Plus I got taken out to lunch almost daily. :) Always nice.

I'm starting to develop my own photography business. (Thus the practice photos below) Proud to say I've already got one gig booked, plus a couple "possibles." I'm very excited. However, until business picks up and my personal technical arsenal expands, I'm going to keep looking for a regular part-time job, mainly for the purpose of expanding said arsenal. So, the dreaded job-hunting is still underway. I don't know which I dislike more, job hunting or menu planning.

Speaking of, last night SoldierMan surprised me with a night out to our favorite place, Bella Vista. It's a nice little Italian/Greek place that's been around longer than I have, owned and operated by a very colorful family who I believe is from Greece but I've never actually asked. It's the perfect place to eat if you want to spend an evening with good food and friends and conversation. It's a little like going to eat at someone's house - every meal is made to order and each person served as their order is made. The food is plentiful, flavorful and inexpensive. Last night, we ordered an appetizer for the first time, Garlic Cheese Bread. It's amazing how good bread, garlic, butter and cheese can taste for $3.50, especially when other places would charge you upwards of $6 for less quantity and quality. Bella Vista is a jeans and t-shirt kind of environment with a friendly, family atmosphere. If you are in the SOKC area, you HAVE to go to Bella Vista, on SW 59th and Western, next to Capitol Hill Florist.

So, that's life as of today. Oh, and I have a job interview tonight. I don't have high hopes, but you never know.
BTW, let me just say a word about this swine flu. Everyone but Joe Biden knows that pig flu is no more dangerous than regular flu, and there are already several different medications in America that kick it. 7 people - in Mexico - have died, which is sad. But seriously, use Kleenex and Lysol and wash your hands. You'll be fine.


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