April 27, 2009

Prayer Request

This was sent to me by a man in our Sunday School class. I won't post his contact info here but if there is any way you can help, let me know and I'll connect you.

Friends & Family,

I was hired in December by Dena Ray Smith – wife of Jimmy Smith. Jimmy Smith was driving home near Lawton after dark when he hit a black horse that had escaped from a pasture. I have been attempting to find out the owner of the horse as rumor is that the same horse has escaped many times before. Oklahoma law only allows for recover for injury caused by escaped livestock if the owners knew or should have known of the animals propensity to escape. Essentially you have a duty to make sure your fences will hold in your animals – you get one free escape but after that you are on notice and are responsible.

Jimmy Should be dead – the doctors have said it would have been better had he died and he would always be in a permanent vegetative state from which he would not recover. His medicals bills are approaching a million dollars and will only increase.

His wife is a very nice lady – Dena Ray. We attempted to keep her informed and encouraged about all that was happening. Apparently we failed to see the depths of her depression. Dena killed herself last night

This morning Jimmy woke up asking for Dena. The doctors are amazed – he has a very very long road ahead of him. He is severely injured – his body is broken everywhere.

Just over a week ago, Dena gave away almost all of their horses, which were mostly Arabians that they had bred and raised themselves. All of the horses were adults, some rather old. She also gave away 3 goats. The horses are all placed, but the dogs and cats need people to love them. I do not have any direct knowledge of these animals but am told they have the following:

1 male wire hair terrier, neutered, orange and black, house dog.

Unknown number of male, neutered, indoor cats.

Red and white neutered male husky

Black and white male husky - not sure if neutered, may have papers.

There were also two barn cats, but they may be placed as well.

There may be a couple more dogs, but Kathy mentioned "biters", so they would probably take a very special home.

I have been talking to their only daughter Kristina today. This a brutal day for her.

Please pray for her and the family. If you want to adopt an animal please let me know. Thanks.


Please take a moment today to stop and pray for this family. And again, if you can help at all, let me know.


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