April 6, 2009

Never Again!

So here's what happened.

Someone gave us their OKC Thunder season tickets to last night's game. We were very appreciative, since we hadn't been to a game yet (though I still felt a little dirty for going, since I'm still bitter about the stupid grocery tax, but anyway.....).

The tickets were given to us, so we didn't really care about the fact that they were in the topmost section of the Ford center. It was also funny that our row was empty except for us and another couple whose seats were right next to us.

I had considered bringing my camera with me, but decided against it, not knowing what kind of hassle might be involved with lugging my camera bag around (and not using the purse the camera could fit in). Once we got there, though, I was already starting to regret it. If nothing else, that long-distance lens would have been a great help for seeing the court.

About ten minutes into the game, and man in a suit came up behind us and asked us and the couple next to us to collect our belongings and follow him outside. There were a dozen other people in our section that he didn't talk to, so I wasn't really sure what was going on or why we were singled out. He was being very mysterious about the whole thing, very formal and non-smiling, like a secret service guy.

When we get in the hall, the guy pulls out an envelope and hands each couple a pair of tickets - floor level tickets! We all looked at each other and said, "Wow, thank you!" He cracked a half-smile and said, "Better than watching from up here, right?" And walked off. (We looked at the tickets - they were listed as $160 a seat!!)

We get down to our seats, which were of course in the middle of the row - the fourth row!! (Fourth bleacher row, not counting the three or four on the actual floor behind the players)

As you can imagine, I was now SERIOUSLY frustrated that I didn't bring my camera!! It serves me right for leaving the house without it when my gut told me to take it.

Never again, I tell you!

The game was fun, BTW. We were sitting next to a family with three boys who all looked like they were about 9 or 10 years old. They were funny. They had completely torn apart their blow-up sticks and had taken the little light balls out from the inside and taken them apart, trying to figure out which part did what. Apparently this is a general male trait, because SoldierMan had done the same thing almost as soon as we sat down in the upstairs seats. They weren't rowdy but they were fidgety and chatty the whole time - except for the quarter break when the Thunder Girls came out in little school girl outfits and danced. The boys sat frozen for nearly three minutes, watching. It was kind of funny.


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