April 8, 2009

Brand New Day

Yesterday I started working at SoldierMan's office. Due to someone getting promoted, they needed a temp to work the front desk. Since I am conveniently out of work, they have allowed me to fill in.

Anyone who knows me knows that seeing that side of 8:00 again is by no means a dream come true. However, I could not have asked for a better opportunity. Everyone at the office (Dennis Chaumont's State Farm office in Edmond) has been so wonderfully helpful and encouraging. Particularly the lady I share a desk with, who has been incredibly patient in answering the same question over and over and showing me how to do things multiple times.

It has also been good to be up there with SoldierMan. We aren't really around each other that much, but it's nice to ride with him in the morning, eat lunch together, and ride home. It's especially nice to have him drive during rush-hour traffic from Edmond!

All that being said, it's getting late, and all the rest of the stories and comments I had planned on including here will have to wait. I need to go to bed. I work now.


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