July 16, 2015

“A lot of people want intact hearts…” Planned Parenthood: The Taxpayer-Funded Mengele

11694026_10152957013947927_5338276929704514809_nPlanned Parenthood is a corporation that profits off of exploiting women, children, and babies supported by our tax dollars. They get a free pass to do this because they also give out free stuff. But make no mistake, the “free stuff” isn’t why they exist. They exist to make money, not to help people.

I’ll be honest, after years of reading the news about Planned Parenthood’s rampant criminal exploits, I’m just cynical enough to realize that plenty of people just flat don’t care.

They didn’t care a few years ago when it came out that Planned Parenthood was fudging their finances to bilk the taxpayers even more.

They didn’t care when it was revealed that, across the country, it was standard practice for Planned Parenthood employees to tell girls under the age of 18 to lie about being sexually abused, so that police wouldn’t get involved and Planned Parenthood wouldn’t lose that potential revenue stream.

You try and tell people about it and all they say is, “Well, but they gave me free birth control and stuff. So, you know, whatevs.”

So pardon me if, in my disgust over this latest (but unsurprising) revelation that they deliberately perform partial-birth abortions in such a manner so that the (formed) organs of pre-born infants can be sold off, I have very little confidence that the consciences will be pricked of people who didn’t care about grown teenage girls being knowingly returned to sex abusers.

Because they give free stuff.

July 15, 2015

Get More From Your Camera: Cropping and Creating Lines

Me and My SoldierMan: Get More From Your Camera Cropping and Creating Lines http://www.meandmysoldierman.com/2015/07/get-more-from-your-camera-cropping-and.html

Today we’ll talk about the sister disease to “faces in the middle of the picture”: I call it, “cutting the muffin.” It’s a tendency people have take a picture only of someone’s head and shoulders, because they are uncomfortable with the way (they think) their midsection/hips/thighs look when photographed. Or, because they’re tragically used to seeing faces in the middle of the picture and just don’t know any better.

This is wrong, my friends. Very wrong, and very counter-productive.

We’ll start with the basics:

Our eyes are taught to move from left to right before they move top to bottom, when we look at a page or an image, thanks to the practice of reading. Generally, the thing we subconsciously notice first is how wide something is.

July 11, 2015

Getting Fit: June

Me and My SoldierMan: Getting Fit JuneSo, this one is a little late, thanks to the holiday and taking occupancy of the house.

June was another month of living in a hotel and eating in restaurants. And between May, June, and part of July, I am pleased to say I’ve actually lost weight. Very pleased.

The biggest reason for this was because, especially once we moved to the Waikiki hotel, I walked almost everywhere. And I got addicted to walking everywhere. I don’t have a fancy toy to measure such things, but from my rudimentary calculations using Google maps, it’s safe to say I was averaging 2-3 miles a day of distance walking, not counting incidentals.

Now we’re back in the suburbs and I miss it already. So last week I went to Ross and bought some gear so I can really get into the stroller walking game around here, (since all that stuff is with HHG) although it is going to be a challenge to keep it up.

For one thing, it was easy in the hotel because there were places to go. You had to walk to go eat or to go shopping or to go to the beach. Here, I’m going to have to find destinations for us, hopefully some nice park areas where Baby G can crawl around and get her own exercise. I can’t wait till she’s big enough for playgrounds.

Also, it’s just easier to be comfortable here. As opposed to a hotel, where I HAD to leave for some part of the day so housekeeping could do their thing. We won’t talk about how much I’m missing a housekeeping service at the moment.

So, things that went well in June:

  • Lots of walking
  • Moderate (but still delicious) food intake
  • weight loss!
  • Getting more comfortable being in a swim suit in public. Not necessarily weight loss related, more of just getting over myself.

Things to work on:

  • More sleep. Always need more sleep.
  • Continue walking-as-exercise
  • Keep eating wisely
  • Keep putting on that swim suit

How were your June goals?

July 8, 2015

Get More From Your Camera: Dead Space

Me and My SoldierMan: Get More From Your Camera Dead Space http://www.meandmysoldierman.com/2015/07/get-more-from-your-camera-dead-space.html

I have to be completely honest, I’ve been more excited about this portion than the others. Technical knowledge is necessary, of course. But I’ve seen some very sharp, well-exposed pictures that still make your eyes bleed. Why? Poor composition.

I’m going to begin by telling you a story about a picture: