March 25, 2015

Attitude Check


This was my epiphany over the weekend. Well, also a phone call from my mom reminding me that, “God is in control of everything…except your attitude.”

I’m genuinely embarrassed by how rattled I got by all this stupid EFMP stuff. There was a time when speed bumps like this wouldn’t throw me into a total tailspin. While I think I can share the blame with a few mitigating factors, the biggest thing is I was forced to face up how lazy I’ve been spiritually in the last year. Thanks to the She Reads Truth app, I’ve been more diligent in my Bible readings, and I have actually memorized about 5 verses this year, which is more than last year already.

But as far as genuine spiritual discipline that leads to growth, I’ve been slacking. And it all came bubbling up.

I am looking forward to moving again and having a new opportunity to be a part of some Bible study groups and small groups for myself and for couples. I have renewed motivations to pick my prayer journal back up.

New motivation. It’ a good thing.

March 23, 2015

Easter and Trusting God in the Dark

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Me and My SoldierMan: Easter and Trusting God in the Dark Me and My SoldierMan: Easter and Trusting God in the Dark

As you know, because I’ve mentioned it here, on the facebook page, on twitter – and now instagram – life has been fairly stressful of late. I know I sound like a one-note band, or whatever the metaphor is, so thanks for bearing with me.

We’re in a period of waiting. We’ve done what we can to make things happen, and now we’re at the mercy of other machinations to bring about a result. The other day, when I sat down to do my daily Bible reading, even though the passages had been pre-selected, I prayed and asked God to give me some specific encouragement through His Word that morning. And I read the pre-selected passages: Leviticus and the end of Matthew. Essentially, the Resurrection story.

Which I expected to read, because I was following a reading plan. So I knew what was coming. And at first, if I’m totally honest, I was disappointed. I had been hoping for some specific verse to pop out at me, and it didn’t. Leviticus is prescriptive, Matthew is narrative. And it was all portions I had read before.

But throughout the rest of the day, I reflected on what I had read. And the idea of waiting. And this familiar quote was stuck in my head, “Never doubt in the dark what God told you in the light.” (I googled and discovered it’s credited to V. Raymond Edman, not Corrie Ten Boom or others I’d seen it attributed to.) And they all started mixing together and bouncing off of each other.

March 20, 2015

PCS Update: EFMP Nightmare

We finally got RFO last week. Last week. Why it took so long to get even that to us, we still don’t know, but as with everything else, we’re running a month behind schedule.

March 11, 2015

Recipe Post: Steak Fajitas

My favorite part about warm weather is grilling. Even when it involves simultaneous activity with the stove or oven, there are flavors you get from open-flame cooking you just don’t get from indoors. Now, as a matter of convenience, we’re propane grillers. I don’t really have experience with charcoal or even a bonfire, outside of hot dogs and marshmallows. But I do love grilling. That’s probably why I’ve loved the perpetual summer/spring of the southwest. Very few days where grilling is impractical.

Now that we are in the advent of Spring, and the rest of the country is looking forward to warmer temperatures, the rest of the country is on the cusp of grilling weather. So I thought I’d share one of our staples: steak fajitas.

Recipe: Grilled Steak Fajitas // Me and My SoldierMan