August 31, 2015

Halona Blowhole, Sort of

Okay, bear with me here

Me and My SoldierMan: Halona Blowhole

We did drive over to the Halona Blowhole, which is a Thing.

Me and My SoldierMan: Halona Blowhole

I didn’t get any pictures of the actual blowhole, though. There was some chick in a thong swimsuit who was basically ruining all my potential shots/scrapbook photos. With her butt. No thanks.

Me and My SoldierMan: Halona Blowhole

BUT – right next to the Halona Blowhole is the beach from the famous scene in “From Here to Eternity.”

Me and My SoldierMan: Halona Blowhole

It’s a cool public beach that you can actually swim at and hang out at, and stuff. Unfortunately it was a little impractical for all of us to trek down there, but I really wish we could have. Maybe next time.

Me and My SoldierMan: Halona Blowhole

We had a beautiful day and grandparents (in the background) and a baby that consented to some questionable action poses. The drive to the blowhole was also very pretty. So if you get the chance, you should check it out. Also the beach.

August 17, 2015

Tales of a Book Hoarder

book hoarder

That picture isn’t an accurate representation. That was mid-unpacking. In reality my collection spills outside those bookcases and onto two others.


Here’s the thing: doing that “capsule closet” purge was easy, really. Clothes to me are meh. A few sentimental things, and once I got over looking at them like they were cotton/poly dollar signs, donating them all to Salvation Army was pretty painless. During that process, I resolutely did NOT look at my bookcases. The hypocrisy struck too hard.

I hoard books. I haven’t bought any in a while, and I’m pretty proud of that. But I do accept them. I usually jump on the chance to take someone else’s discarded books.

All the while, unread books sit on my shelves, collecting dust, some for years. But I can’t throw them out, or give them away, because….I don’t know why.

And that’s wrong. It’s ungrateful and excessive and ridiculous. So, I intentionally set out on a mission, beginning this month, to actually read every book (as yet unread) already in my house. This doubles as an excuse to sit down and read and leave the vacuuming till a little later.

I’m not going to do a series of long book review posts, especially since several of the titles are well-known and widely-read already. But, I will be doing mini-posts/reviews on instagram as I go. To give myself a mini celebration every time I finish one. You can request to follow me here (I know that sounds pretentious, but I don’t like to leave it just lying open because of the whole baby picture theft thing, but you’re cool).

Along with reading, purging is also on the list. I read a blog post once (I have no idea where it came from or I’d link to it) about the tragedy of stagnant book collections and the parable of the rich man who built up his grain silos to hold more and more wealth until he was so rich….he died. And then what good was it? And the post went on to talk about how impressive a home library can look, but if you aren’t contributing to the enrichment of others – or heck, even reading them yourself – what’s the point, really? So I want to start doing some of that, too. Whether it’s giveaways here or donating to the library or what.

Is there a “collection” you are thinking about filtering through?

August 14, 2015

Babies and Puppies and stuff


I’ve been shamefully bad at doing Baby G updates ever since she turned 1. SoldierMan encouraged me to keep doing them, but honestly I just got lazy. And tired. Oh man, am I tired. And it’s really her fault :) Ironic.


Seems like so much to catch up on. She’s got her own little language now, which is so much fun. There are the words we try and teach her and then the “words” she uses instead. Her “words” for the dogs change constantly, but Jeb stays somewhere around “jush” and Achilles has multiple syllables and ends with “seess.” And it’s usually pretty easy to tell when she is talking about them, because she is pointing at them.

She calls SoldierMan Datdat and doesn’t really call me anything. That’s probably because she’s sewn to my hip all day every day, and never needs to talk about me. We also made a “family book”: a little flip photo album of immediate family for her to start associating names with faces. I need to get more pictures of everyone to get everyone covered, but it’s a start.


She’s ridiculously friendly. “Hi” is her favorite word. She says “hi” to everyone and sometimes “bye” – which sounds basically the same as “hi” – and will wave and wave and wave until the person she’s waving at walks away awkwardly. She also has started saying Thank You, which sometimes is just the cadence without enunciation, but sometimes is very distinct “kehk-yoo.” She’s even done it once or twice without being prompted, so that’s exciting.

Here’s a silly little story: she’s figured out that I sing along to musicals. The other day I turned one on the TV, and when one of the characters started singing, she stopped watching them and watched me, waiting for me to sing. And then did that any time one of the women sang. It was adorable.


She talks all the time, to herself, to me, to the dogs. Of course, she narrates everything we do. When we do our night-night routine, she sits with SoldierMan while I get the upstairs ready, then is happy to see me when I come to take her to bed. She turns around and waves at SoldierMan and says “Bye” and sometimes “Nigh. Nigh.” And leans forward so he can kiss her cheek goodnight. And she waves at him as we walk up the stairs, until we can’t see him anymore. Then she says, “iss teess?” Yes, brush our teeth. Tonight we practiced “pa-ja-mas” but only got as far as “ah-ma-ma.” Haha. You’ve got to start somewhere.

And she loves to read. She plays independently pretty well, and she’s really gotten into “reading” to herself. She picks a book and sits down and flips the pages and sometimes she mumbles to herself, sometimes she just sits quietly. Usually she asks one of us to read the book to her. And if its, “The Wheels on the Bus,” it gets read a dozen times in a sitting. Round and round, round and round….


She has a “safe drawer” in the kitchen that has plastic and rubber objects I don’t use very often, and she’s allowed to dig through it and play in it whenever she wants. I put child locks on the other cabinets, but she’s practically figured those out. She yanked on one of the doors a few times, saw the hook kept getting caught, then stuck her fingers in to try and unhook it. Her little fingers are still too little to reach it today, but it won’t be long. Oh boy.

And she’s walking. Really, truly walking now. She prefers to walk unless she’s in a real hurry, and I know that is only a matter of time. I guess we really need to start buying her shoes. :/


As far as the boys, they’re hanging in there. Their world gets rocked every day, just like ours does, as she seems to have a new trick every time she wakes up. They all love each other, though. Most of the love is concentrated between Baby G and Achilles. I think because he’s fluffy. But Jeb also has his moments. He will at least give her kisses, which has increased his kisses to me, interestingly. The other day, he was laying on the rug, and she decided she wanted a Jeb kiss. So she crawled over to him and then sat on all fours, facing him, waiting to be kissed. Well, he wasn’t in a kissing mood, but he knows to be careful and pretty much let her have her way. So she leaned in closer and closer, giggling the whole time, until they were literally nose-to-nose. But Jeb was NOT in a kissing mood. He waited a few seconds and then slowly stood up and walked away. She loved it.


They all love each other every bit as much as we hoped they would. The dogs sleep a lot more now, now that they have someone chasing them and squealing at them a good part of the day. It’s a full house with the three of them, and it’s so much fun. She’s a little terror in her rolly-walker thing, which we use when we need to keep her “contained,” and she figured out that the dogs are afraid of it, so she likes to chase them around the house with it. Poor guys. Or block them from the food bowls, for fun. But they’re good boys and wait for me to resolve it (Jeb will come get me if I don’t notice myself right away).

I know there are so many stories and moments that I’ve already forgotten. I wish the human brain could retain and retrieve so much more than it does. But that’s why I have to charge my phone multiple times a day. We shoot and record EVERYTHING. Thank goodness for pocket computers and cameras. And blogs, to catch the stories.

August 12, 2015


8:10 – Slow start. Baby G is sleeping in, so I’m forcing everyone to stay in bed

9:10 – She Reads Truth and coffee

10:10 – Miss Sleepyhead is finally up and eating breakfast

11:10 – Taking the car to the car doctor

12:10 – books

1:10 – everyone likes mac salad leftovers

2:10 – back to the car doctor. My sunglasses are broken but she has her sunshade, the lucky duck

3:10 – Other people have the never-ending pile of laundry. I have the never-ending sink of dishes.

4:10 – everyone gets to take a nap but Momma

5:10 – Lost all track of time and forgot to wake up Baby G….a long time ago.