Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Deep Breath!

doctor who

I don’t know about you, but I LOVED the Doctor Who premiere episode, “Deep Breath”! It was everything I had hoped for and more! I’m really excited to talk with you about it in the vlog below! Caution: spoilers abound!

I had a lot of fun making this vlog and I hope you have fun watching it!

Don’t forget to comment and let me know what you thought of the Doctor Who season premiere, and Episode 2, “Into the Dalek,” comes on this Saturday! Be sure and watch so we can talk about it next week!

Monday, August 25, 2014

Wall Candy

If you were to walk around my house at this moment (as multiple strangers have done recently, potential renters) you’d see it covered in boxes, bubble wrap, and packing paper. And in the midst of preparing to PCS, we got this special delivery:

Me and My SoldierMan Home is Where the Army Sends Us Sign Born on Bonn

Disclaimer: This product was “purchased” with a gift certificate I received from Erika at The Midwest Press. I was not compensated for the opinions expressed in this review.

Born on Bonn is an etsy shop that specializes in “Home is where they send us” signs. I’ve been wanting one for years, of course. I just couldn’t find the one that was quite right for us. When I saw Teresa’s signs, I instantly loved them!

Me and My SoldierMan Home is Where the Army Sends Us Sign Born on Bonn

Now that I’ve seen ours in person, I can see my choice was the right one.The signs are quality wood and you can easily see they will last for years. Also, the hooks feel very sturdy, and make me really look forward to adding our next duty station next year (each additional station plaque is only $8!)

Me and My SoldierMan Home is Where the Army Sends Us Sign Born on Bonn

Teresa was so great to work with and SUPER fast! I requested a custom design for the head board and she was happy to accommodate. The plaques are also customizable, such as adding pink baby booties for the birth of a child, or a rank insignia to mark a promotion, but I kept mine simple. I may add those later as they are available as a separate purchase from her shop, but I haven’t decided yet.

I am LOVING our signs. I will say, because I am bad about visualizing dimensions, the plaques were a little smaller than I expected. BUT Teresa has the dimensions all listed on her shop, so that shouldn’t be an issue for anyone else. Otherwise, I have zero complaints. A gorgeous product and excellent customer service.

Check out Born on Bonn on etsy for more styles and accessory options!

Thursday, August 21, 2014

If I call you a b*tch, it’s not a compliment

In case you live under a rock and weren’t aware (and I say that without judgment as my own rock has grown considerably the last couple of months) Weird Al recently released his latest album. Greatest? That’s a debate for the ages. But it is pretty darn good.

I can’t decide if this is my favorite song on the album, or just my favorite video, but it is pretty darn fun:

It wasn’t until after the fact that I realized the whole song is basically a series of “shaming.” Which, I can’t lie, makes it even more amazing the song was so popular. Because “shaming” is SO out!

Isn’t it weird how we’ve turned nearly every form of criticism – fair or unfair – into “shaming”? Why did we have to create a completely new word/category for something that’s a normal part of the human experience? (I’m slightly a linguistics nerd, so I wonder about these things. Like, why “alot” is grammatically incorrect to describe “a great amount” when “a lot” is a piece of land. Still makes no sense to me.)

Anyway, after pondering it for a while, I think I’ve come up with my answer. We have to create a new category to (essentially) shame people for being rude to us, because being rude is cool now.

Or, more specifically, being a b*tch.

I guess it makes me a fuddy-duddy, but I find the whole “b*tch pride” thing to be pretty…lame. To put it mildly. And try all you want with the word reclaiming girl power yadda yadda, it doesn’t wash. It’s just an excuse to go through life being a jerk with impunity.

If a man were to proclaim how “proud” he was to be a “powerful a-hole,” we’d roll our eyes and say, “That’s great, dude, go back to the frat house.” Or file an HR complaint.

But if a woman wants to call herself a “powerful b*tch” and treat people accordingly, well, she’s just trying to get stuff done, she’s too strong for you, she’s got “leadership skills.” Or:

Translation: if you won’t put up with my particular brand of psychological abuse, you don’t deserve the rare expressions of respect and affection.

It annoys me because it’s such a low standard. And it’s also a lie. I’ve had a bunch of jobs in a variety of industries – retail, law, energy, human services, education, real estate – and the majority of my employers/supervisors were women.

I had female bosses who were strong, intelligent, capable leaders. And I had female bosses who were b*tches.

Never both at the same time. Not once.

You know why? Because, contrary to what the plethora of pins on pinterest tell you, they aren’t the same thing.

“Like a defenseless city is a person who lacks self-control.” ~ Proverbs 25:28

B*tches aren’t strong. They are the helpless victims of their own impulses.

Online, it takes the form of mouthyness or weaponized sarcasm. In real life, it looks like bossiness, impatience, bullying, steamrolling, or simply general rage.

Of course, this is America, and if a woman wants to call herself a b*tch, that’s her prerogative. But can the adults in the room please stop pretending it’s some kind of virtue?

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Baby G pictures and stories

Me and My SoldierMan Baby G

We’ve had quite a busy few weeks. While getting ready to PCS, Baby G has been growing away and I’ve been doing my best to capture as much of it as possible!

Me and My SoldierMan Baby G

She’s started really smiling and silent-giggling in response to stimuli now, which of course is almost more fun than we can stand! She even smiles when the dogs come over to “check on her.”

Me and My SoldierMan Baby G

My mom came to visit us for about a week. She went home yesterday. We all miss her already. Baby G, because it meant she never got set down until bedtime. Me, because – even though I didn’t get any more sleep or naps than usual – it was a welcome relief. Just something about having someone else in the house during the day lets you breathe easier.

Me and My SoldierMan Baby G

Also it was nice hearing from someone other than me that my baby actually likes me. That’s something I wouldn’t have understood pre-baby. You know on an instinctive level that the child recognizes you as necessary for food and diaper relief. But hearing someone else say, sincerely, “Oh, she needs her Mama!” “Look, Mama, she’s watching you!” And feel like, even though Baby G loves her Grammy, that you can provide that special intangible something Baby G needs to calm down or be happy…

Me and My SoldierMan Baby G

I don’t know, it’s hard to put into words. But it fed my soul.

Me and My SoldierMan Baby G

Also, my mom chose “Grammy” as her Baby G name. I’d been on her to pick for a while (like, since before Baby G was born) and once she got here and started playing with her, Grammy is what stuck. I think it’s cute. While Grammy was here, we played Dress Up with some outfits that are about to go in the “Outgrown” box. I think I like this game. She’s more fun than Barbies!

Me and My SoldierMan Baby G

Yesterday Baby G had her first round of shots. She did great most of the day yesterday, but she slept with us last night, and today has been a lot of snuggling. At the moment, she’s in her swing. So I’m taking a few minutes to get this post worked up, do a load of laundry, and even eat lunch AT lunchtime!

Me and My SoldierMan Baby G

It’s a good life I’ve got, I tell ya.